How to get the best out of this forum


Welcome to the Arduino Forum.
This guide explains how to get the best out of this forum. Please read and follow the instructions below.

Being new here you might think this is having rules for the sake of rules, but that is not the case. If you don’t follow the guidelines all that happens is there is a long exchange of posts while we try to get you to tell us what we need in order to help you, which is frustrating for you and frustrating for us.

The people who try to help with your project are volunteers doing this for free in their spare time. If you follow these guidelines it helps us to help you and gets your project working quickly.

Without the correct information, it is difficult or impossible to give you the help you need.

Preferred language
If English is not your preferred language there are categories in other languages


Below are some things we need which are often missed by people posting for the first time

Choose the right category of the Forum

There are lots of different categories to choose from. Choosing the right one is important because not everyone who might be able to help you reads every category. Some questions might reasonably fit in to more than one category but please do not post the same question in two or more different categories. This just wastes your time and ours as different people will be providing different answers in different places. For this reason, it is against the forum rules and will incur the wrath of the moderators when they see it.


We need to know exactly what hardware you have. We need to know what Arduino board (or other brand, such as ESP32) you are using and exactly what other hardware you are connecting it to. The more details we have, the easier it is to help.

If you are using something that is a non-Arduino product then it helps to have a link to its technical data sheet or a link to where you bought it.

Code problems

We can only find problems in code we can see. Please supply your complete code in code tags </> More about posting code and using code tags. If you are using Arduino Create then you can post a link to your project (but keep in mind that not everyone uses Arduino Create).

Posting a snippet of code is generally useless. The problem is usually in another part of the program.

Before posting code, please use Tools / Auto Format at the top of the IDE. It makes the code much easier to read and you will probably find it very helpful yourself. Once you've done that, use Edit / Copy for Forum.

Always use code tags (</>) when posting code or compiler error messages.
Using code tags makes the code easier to read and easy to copy. Not using code tags means some of the code gets displayed with smiley faces and other stuff that should not be there. Be aware that there is a limit of 120000 characters for a post. If your code takes you above this limit then you can add your .ino file as an attachment. However, it will be much easier to help you if you can write a short program that illustrates the problem you are having and post that.

Please don't post an image of code instead of the code itself, or an image of error messages instead of the error messages themselves.

It is very important to be clear about what is expected from code and what happens instead. Code ALWAYS works; that is the nature of code. Whether it does what you expect is a different thing altogether. We need to know what you expected the code to do and what happened instead.
More about posting code and common code problems.

Schematics or circuit diagrams

The language of electronics is a schematic or circuit diagram. Long descriptions of what is connected to what are generally useless. A schematic is a drawing of what connects to what; please make one and photograph it. We don't mind if it's hand drawn, scruffy and does not use the correct symbols. Please don't post Fritzing diagrams. They may look nice but they are very easy to misinterpret

If you want to use computer software to create a schematic, then you might like to try either Eagle or KiCad.
More about creating a schematic of your project including how to upload an image.


Please try to avoid posting links to other sites where code or photos or schematics are hosted. Most of us will not follow such links, partly due to the risk that they hold malware or other unwanted content, partly to maintain everything on this site for the benefit of future users looking for an answer to a similar question, and partly because we feel that if you want our help you should provide everything we need on this site not expect us to go hunting elsewhere for it.


Please do some research before posting. Most beginner problems have already been dealt with on the Forum so please use the forum search tool and the Arduino Help Center to try and find an answer to your question. You can also use your favorite search engine to find answers too.

Be specific

Please ask a specific question about the problem you are having so we can provide a clear, specific answer.

If you don't understand some of the advice that you get, please say so. Then we can explain in more detail. If you want to know more about how to ask a question that is likely to get a really helpful answer, then have a read of this, admittedly rather long, tutorial How To Ask Questions The Smart Way and use the principles explained there to ask a really effective question here.

About us

Those of us answering questions have a wide variety of backgrounds and electronics knowledge, some through working in electronics or computing, some through electronics or computing as a hobby, some both. Most of us are not trained as teachers so probably miss the finer points of how to teach and explain things effectively. We are not, with the odd exception, employees or representatives of Arduino.
Please also remember we are volunteers doing this for free in our spare time and are more inclined to help people who make it easy for us to provide help by providing the information we ask for.

About you

We only know about you and your project what you tell us. If you tell us your level of experience with electronics or microcontrollers, we can tailor our answer to your level of knowledge. We also don't know if you have problems with English or language or communication in general unless you tell us. We can be sympathetic about things we know about, but if you don't tell us we don't know.

More information

There is more information below.

Making your first post

Now please go to the forum index, select the right category and make your first post.

Thank you.

Making your first post

1. Choose the right category

It is important to choose the right category and the right language so that the people most likely to be able to help you will see your question. Not everyone here reads questions in every category so please take your time and post in a category related to your question.

If English is not your preferred language then scroll down and choose from one of the other language categories.

Please only post in English in the English language categories. If your language is not shown then please use Google Translate and post in an English language category using English.

Forum categories

2. Make a topic

Once you have found the right category you can start your post. Click on New Topic

Starting a new topic

3. Write your post

Enter a title and a description of your problem:

Don't forget to include code in code tags </> and a schematic of your circuit.

For your first two posts, the right hand side of the post composer pane will show a welcome message. Once you have closed that message, you will see a preview of how your post will look once you have submitted it.

4. Publish your topic

When you are happy with your post click on + Create Topic to post it.

That's your first post completed.

Posting code and common code problems

Post all your code

Without your code, all your code, we cannot provide any answers about your code, other than the most vague and probably unhelpful of answers. One of the frustrating things about writing code is that a mistake in one place can produce an error in what seems like a completely different, unrelated place. This is a nightmare if you are new to writing code, but often easy to spot for anyone who is experienced in looking for such problems. It is for this reason we want all your code, not just the bit with the error or the bit you think is causing the problem.

Format your code

Before copying your code for the forum, look in Tools on the menu bar of the Arduino IDE and select Auto Format. This will format the code correctly. If you prefer, Ctrl+T will do the same thing. Once formatted, you can copy and paste your code with code tags.

Use code tags

Code should be be in code tags, these are the </> in the tool bar above where you edit your post, and correctly formatted, like this:

char message[][4] = { "hi", "bye" };

void setup() {
  //Serial.begin() configures the serial port

void loop() {
  for (byte x = 0; x < 2; x++) {

If you don't use code tags then it ends up like this:

char message[4] = { "hi", "bye" }; // <---- There's a box now

void setup() {
//Serial.begin() configures the serial port // <---- Some strange link
Serial.begin(9600); // <---- Indentation lost

void loop() {
for (byte x = 0; x < 2; x++) {
Serial.println(message); // <---- There's a checkbox

There's more than one way to add code tags, you can:

  • Paste your code in the box where you are editing your post, select all the code and click on </>.
  • In the Arduino IDE under the 'Edit' menu there is 'Copy for Forum', this puts your code on the clipboard with code tags added ready to paste into your question.

Minimal, Reproducible Example

The forum has a limit of 120000 characters per post, which means that you can't post a program longer than this directly. In this case, you can attach the .ino file to your post or, if you are using Arduino Create, you can post a link to your project.

However, consider that the longer your program, the harder it is for anyone to understand it and help you. For this reason, consider writing a short program that illustrates the problem and post or link to that instead. You are more likely to get help with a short, easy to understand program than with a long, complicated one. For more about this see How to create a Minimal, Reproducible Example.

Error messages

When you compile your code the Arduino IDE will check for certain problems with the code and generate error messages to indicate any problems it finds. If this happens then we need to see the error messages as well as the complete code, as the error messages offer clues to what the problem is. If you have error messages then in the bottom right hand corner of the IDE there will be a button 'Copy error messages'. Click the button and paste the result into your question, don't forget to add the code tags.

Common mistakes with code and posting code

Posting a screenshot of code or error messages. A screenshot is useless, with a screenshot it is impossible for us to paste the code into the IDE and test it. Please post your code and error messages, not an image of them.

Only posting the part of the code you think has the problem. Often code problems are not in the place they might obviously seem to be, often a mistake in one place shows up as a problem elsewhere. The only way to see this is to see all the code. Also be aware that some mistakes cause a cascade of multiple errors. If this happens, deal with the first one and see if the other disappear.

It is essential that every opening bracket has a corresponding closing bracket. Check that every { has a corresponding }, every ( has a corresponding ) and every [ has a corresponding ] before you post your code. In the IDE if you place your cursor next to any bracket of any kind the IDE will draw a rectangle round its partner, if there's no corresponding bracket, or there is a corresponding bracket but it's not the one you expected then you have found your problem. Also, if you use Auto Format (Tools > Auto Format or Ctrl+T) your code will be tidied up and missing brackets of all kinds should become a lot easier to see.

Forum rules and netiquette

The instructions above are to help you make a successful post, 'successful' meaning you get a useful and satisfactory answer to your question. In order to keep the forum working smoothly there are some rules that apply to everyone, breaches of which can lead to suspension or being removed from the forum altogether.

Only ask your question once, in one category of the forum

We know you are anxious to get an answer to your problem, but re-posting the same question to multiple categories of the forum causes duplicate effort, and divides the focus on your problem. You'll get a better answer if everyone can discuss it in one place. Asking the same question multiple times is called cross-posting. Cross-posting is very annoying to people trying to help you. If you cross-post, the moderators will delete your extra posts, and you will get a warning. Save all the hassle, and just post the question once. It will be noticed.

If you aren't sure which category to post in (Programming Questions, General Electronics, etc.), make a guess. Don't cross-post "just in case".

Start a new topic; don't hijack an existing topic

You might see an existing topic related to what you want to ask and think about tagging your question on the end. Please don't do this. If the existing question is just what you were looking for and the answer helps you then there is no need. Otherwise, the existing topic isn't what you were looking for and you should create a new topic. There's no harm including a link back to the existing discussion if you think there's some relevance.

Don't bump!

Don't bump your topic after an hour. Because of the different time zones, the person who knows the answer may be asleep, or away for the day or maybe on holiday. Maybe after a couple of days, but even then think about whether you have provided enough information and asked a question that can be answered. You could even ask us 'what else can I provide in order to get some help?'.

Getting help from a particular person

You might have read answers from a particular person and think that person would be the best person to help you. You can bring your question to someone's attention by using @ followed by their username, for example @username. If you do this, they will get a notification. Please do not send a PM (private message) to someone you don't know asking a question; most will ignore you.

Commercial projects

One thing really guaranteed to ensure you don't get help is to tell us you can't provide all the information because it is commercially confidential. If it's commercially confidential then you should consider paying someone to help you and ensure a confidentiality agreement is in place with them. If you want help with a commercial project then create a topic in 'Gigs and Collaborations' and indicate what your terms are, including how much your budget is. This is a hobby forum, not a place for free help with commercial projects.

Ready written code

Ready written code for every possible application does not exist, including for your application. Asking for the code for what you are trying to do will not get you anywhere, other than possibly some annoyed replies. You either have to write your own, which we are here to help with when you get stuck, or you can pay for someone else to write it for you. If you want someone to write code for you the place to ask is 'Gigs and Collaborations'. If you neither want to learn to write code yourself nor pay someone else to do it for you then this is probably not the right place for you.

Be polite

A little courtesy and politeness goes a long way. Even if you think a question has been asked before, or you don't see the point of it, try to answer politely. Remember a lot of the posters with high post counts see the same questions every day, and they may get a bit terse if you appear not to have tried very hard to help yourself in the first place. You will find that if you respond in a friendly way, people will stick with you and you will almost certainly get your problem solved. Personal insults, rudeness and offensive language are not acceptable and will result in a ban. Stick to the topic.


TYPING IN ALL UPPER CASE is considered to be SHOUTING. It won't get you an answer any quicker, it will just annoy people.


We get a lot of questions from students wanting help with their homework. Such questions are generally one of two kinds: Questions by students who are obviously making a real effort but have got stuck; these get helpful answers. Questions from students who are obviously not making any effort at all and just want someone to do their homework for them; these usually get a lecture. By all means, post homework questions when you are stuck, but make sure you've put some effort in first.

Thank people who help you

Those of us who answer questions on here are doing so for free, out of community spirit. Please thank people who provide helpful answers and don't forget to give :heart:s as well.

It also helps if you click the :ballot_box_with_check: Solution button at the bottom of the reply that answered your question. This will make it easy for helpers to see that it is solved and for others with the same question to find the answer quickly.


Much of this tutorial has been inspired by or copied from the original forum instructions created by Nick Gammon.
My thanks to Ballscrewbob, Robin2 and Idahowalker all of whom have provided a great deal of support and feedback, without which this tutorial would contain far more errors than it does and would be a lot less clear than it is.


Please provide comments, feedback or suggestions for improvements for these instructions here.

Thank you.

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Uploading Error after boxing it
My code keeps repeating from the previous code that I programed
Com port change with Nano 33 BLE Sense
Reading Sensor Values from Myoware Muscle Sensor
Trying to make a series of Arduino leds with one pin
CT SENSOR Calibration (Very Important)
How often does an arduino check a value
Guitar Envelope Follower Help
Problem with connecting a MCP23017 with arduino Uno
Is it necessary to power a motor via an encoder?
Dht11 sensor and servo motor
Sim 800L yazılım hata
Set Timer for automatic pet feeder
Loss of internet access but not Ethernet Arduino mega with Ethernet shield
Arduino doesn't display anything
SoftwareSerial Bug?
Sum and casting suggest
Push button Switches Won't work
Survey the data transfer speed of ESP32-Wifi
SoftwareSerial Bug?
ILI9486 TFT touch screen caused unexpected circuit behavior
3x4 Keypad detecting "*" instead of "0"
ESP32-Cam. It takes photo data even if the camera pins are out
Why is my if statement (bottom of code) causing an error in my #define string at the top?
Choosing microphone sensor for long range
Use of Adafruit_SH1106 library cause fatal error: avr/pgmspace.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated
Coin operated water dispenser help!
I need some help making a disco ball
TCS3200 color sensor returning 0 values for RGB [solved]
Servos motors with Arduino
MCP4725 ardunio
Arduino Door lock system using fingerprint and keypad both
Acceleration and button
Using Arduino Nano as a IR Remote Switch
Program the arduino uno to control the speed in one direction of just one motor, using a remote trigger and bridge h BTS7960B
How to merge two codes together?
Millis() is wayy off
Li-Fi based Text Communication between Two Arduino
Using namespace to separate two "functions" in one ino file
Saving two things to sd
I2C LCD(16,2) not displaying text
Servo position hold while operating with Joystick
ICM-20948 SDK out of memory when using DMP
Arduino Door lock system using fingerprint and keypad both
Compare problem
Human following car using L293d motor shield
Marlin firmware, 'init' is not a member of 'U8GLIB'
Human following car using L293d motor shield
How to add a countdown timer with pause feature?
MPU6050 - Quaternion
Water Flow sensor Switch
IR Remote and Loop Codes
How to increase analog output pin current?
Gyro sensor and 50m Hi-AT laser module for conditional measurement
Having trouble with the "if" function
5.1 volume control
Project: gas-sensor comparision
Keypad problem with ghost keys
How can I turn off my buzzer esp32?
AtMega328p and Relays
Set Timer for automatic pet feeder
(VISUINO)-ConstantProperty' is not a member of 'Mitov'
Reading a 5 bit encoder on a Port with 0ne instruction
Arduino DS3231 RTC coding question
Ds18b20 2 wires
Keyestudio ccs811
Send HIGH or LOW signals from micro:bit to arduino using micro:bit pin 0
Data section exceeds available space in board
The return value of millis () is incorrect
Code writing problem
Converting from byte to integer in arduino
Converting from byte to integer in arduino
My MPU 6050 is not connecting
Problem with analogRead
Nrf24l01 module not working
Arduino robot stops working when I disconnect it from the laptop
Dolla Tek DS3231
Compiler errors with TFT ili9341
Manual override
SPI problem with radio and SD devices
Unable to find string literal operator 'operator“”redmi' with 'const char [11]', 'unsigned int' arguments
Need help with my code ASAP
Color sensor RGB
Stepper motor driver power LED not switching on
Error esp32 upload CAN ANYONE HELP
How to implement arduino emergency button
Nano - Nextion - Stepper
Missing library board files
Sketch does does not execute on UNO R3 + WiFi ATmega328P+ESP8266 (32Mb memory) USB-TTL
Send String via Bluetooth
Serial Monitor error, using ESP32
HX711 Torque sensor
ButtonPress - setting of variable
Rotary Encoder LCD Blinking text
Line follower robot with obstacle detection
Serial connection issue
Adafruit SSD1306 & DHT Sensor libraries, any know issues?
Line follower robot with obstacle detection
Controlling H-bridge via bluetooth input
Variating 5v voltage
Code needs double checking
Help needed with RTC1307 Code :)
Please my code is not uploading to the board
Transistors or resistors in parallel
Pls i need help for this error
NodeMCU does not light properly. Attendance system using RFID, nodeMCU and arduino uno
No matching function for call to 'HardwareSerial::println(FirebaseJsonData&)'
Help with counter and led light
Motion Sensor Light timer
Displays LCD but nothing logged on SD card
Help required with Arduino, TB6600 driver and Nema23 Stepper motor
Please read. Encoder sensor
Arduino Speen sensor from Joy it
Setting up the Relays to water for 30 seconds each when individually triggered
'class HMC5883L' has no member named 'begin'
Weird compilation error
Definition and Use of the Command WiFI.mode
Servo shifts to last position of other pwm servo
First try with .h and .cpp, Multiple Definition issue
Adafruit_SSD1306.h library is not recognized
New to arduino and coding
Neo 6 m in Node mcu
Error? DHTPIN was not declared in this scope
Rs485 and arduino mini pro
I2C LCD(16,2) not displaying text
Problem making a global variable for 2 functions local varible
Problème d’alimentation : câble trop long?
Arduino UNO driver not working / Help to figure out it's label
Very Broken program
Code can run on tinkercad but not in arduino board
I am having an issue sending and receiving $_POST values in my PHP script
Trying to make a simple Lixie clock and cant Figure out the code
Problem in running two sensor in arduino
Why does my code not loop?
Flash radiotherapy project (aka cancer treatment)
Sorting data before averaging
Help ! Serial Monitor
All A Ports Reading Weird
Arduino water pump controller
Remote control (on/off)
How a character is converted to a string. How to read data such as Esp32, bluetooth low energy Serial.readString ()
Firebase stops working
Set Timer for automatic pet feeder
How i can save string password in eeprom when i change password
Need help learning how to create a function with x inputs and returns a y value
I have problem with the if statment
Error esp32 upload CAN ANYONE HELP
My rfid won't read a card
My Ciphertext is not showing #esp32
How do i connect autonics temperature and humidity sensor with arduino
NRF24L01 Causes servo to vibrate
Script tag not working with Arduino and ESP8266
Increase the number of led matrix to 8
I'm trying to write simple code to move my servo but cant figure it out!
Glcd project using arduino uno
Arduino not connected on raspberry pi reboot
An error occurred while uploading sketch
Question about direct current motors
Run the Goldbach Conjecture
New to coding on Arduino
How to get the best from this forum feedback and comments
chipKIT MAX32 - Serial Monitor
Engine coolant sensor trouble
Zwei verschiedene Frequenzen abwechselnd erzeugen
DC motor turn on if sensor triggerd untril button pressed
Arduino Nano Output pins are not working
Connecting the Arduino with an UR3
Arduino short pulse issue
Problem with two loops
Arrays in a library
Loop is broken (led is not blinking for long time it was broken)
Errors compiling for Arduino Uno. Is my code faulty?
How do I trigger a continuous servo motor (FS90R) with an ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04)?
Alarm clock coding error
Change a value from json
Error Playing a Mellodia "exit status 1 aggregate 'timer treplaceMe611347' has incomplete type and cannot be defined" using ProtoThreads Library and Timer
TFT_eSPI touch demo compile error
A simple question
Restar for each pulse
Obstacle avoidance robot wheel not working
I’m a beginner to arduino programming. I’m trying to develop home automation project based with blynk. I’m trying to memorize commands on the EEPROM.This is my code. Please Help to modify it
SSD1306 allocation problem
Function-definition is not allowed here before ‘{’ token
Read HIGH and LOW from another Arduino
ATtiny85 + bitmap + OLED
Lcd I2C 16x2 doesn't work
Stepper Powered Tank - Please Help
Gps tracking system by sms
Stepper motor code question
However i am getting the error code, expected unqualified-id before numeric constant, on line two. has any one got any ideas on how this can be solved?
I'm new. Please help me with this coding
Convert serial printed time format to hours and minutes separate
Would this Nano every code runs on a Nano Atmega?
Finding the minimum, middle and maximum values
How can I output a signal from an electric guitar to an amp with arduino uno?
Error compilación placa arduino uno (SOLUCIONADO)
Old UNO sketch has failed
How to replace the pin 2 in arduino uno
A bug for grammar auto checking IDE 2.0. beta 7
Parking lot project
May I know why would this happened and how can I solve it?
Need help with explaining me a code
Code Request - 3 100k NTC Data Logging - Teensy LC
About Theatre Chase effect on LED strip with WS2812b
Help needed to merge two void loops
Detect key press while running algoirhtm
Looking for Advice on my project setup!
Read HIGH and LOW from another Arduino
Read HIGH and LOW from another Arduino
Problems with sending can bus message using arduino DUE
Servo motor with one button
I'm having servo trouble
Struggle to run Arduino Uno Wifi R2 for more than 5 minutes.... :|
Problems with program freezing
Facing problem with EEPROM results
I’m new. Please help me with this coding
Help with figuring out power supply required!
New guy trying to learn
Gps travking system
MAX30105 heart rate sensor not recognized by its own library
Cording error i don't know how to fix this ...someone can help me?
TX to rx and RX to TX aint working correct
Serial Input from multiple characters
Basic Arduino GPS with LCD
Arduino 1 switch , 1 poten , 1 lcd , 1 buzzer
How can i save some storage ? 104% is used and i dont know what to do better :(
How to name the temperature sensors instead of printing address using ds2482-100 and ds18b20 sensor- Help
Bluetooth module lib
Esp32 code compiling error
LED Cube Verticle Animation Failure
Motor with fixed frequency but changing amplitude
Esp32 code compiling error
Esp32 code compiling error
Uneven blinking rate of LED without delay() without millis() overflow
Error message : a function-definition is not allowed here before '{' token
Arduino mega as LED controller?
Program for combination of falme and temprature sensor with 2 module relay
Creating a window of time using TimeAlarms
Can't load sketch to ESP8266-12E
Can't find MPU6050 connected to TCA9548A multiplexer
ESP8622 and MCP23016 .-. pinout GPIO.1 , 2 , 3 ... 7 selection
Need Help Wiring Neopixel to Arduino Uno
Any one can help me to know how to fix this error when i used MPU-6050
Can I still record data in my SD card module even if my arduino is not connected to the laptop, however my arduino is connected to a power source?
Need help my code dost work properly
Need Help with programming this code
Separating incoming string through 433 MHZ receiver
Some really basic questions on circuit boards
Avrdude stk500-getsync () : arduino uno and mega 2560 avrdude
Please help, i can't figure out what's wrong with my code [solved]
Automatically water, soap, hand sanitizer and hand dryer problems
Serial.readString and pasreInt printing random data
Comparing two ds20b18 values
A bit of help in Modifying the Program
I am trying to interface LM35 temperature sensor and soil moisture sensor
My button is reading from pins that are not declared
How do I declare for "sendCommand" and "getData"
How do I send a number from NRF24L01 TX to RX
LMD298 doesnt drive till analogpin has no voltage
So many error while compiling I dont know where to start
ESP8266WiFi Lib Error
How to turn "off" or black specific pixels on a LED string?
Client.connect help
Message return function
Help suddenly cant upload grbl to my arduino boards
Parsing numbers from RS232
Request Serial data
If someone can help me i will be thankful
The merits of delay() vs millis()
Coding with 2 sensors and 2 actuators
Convert code from nano to work on mega2560
MAX30105 was not found. Please check wiring/power
Robot-Car Projekt mit einem Arduino UNO smd
Timing Sensor input
How do I declare for "sendCommand" and "getData"
How do I switch this from working with TMP36 to DHT11?
How do I declare for "sendCommand" and "getData"
Triggering 3 Separate Servos with 3 Separate Sensors
CAN-BUS Shield interface with 7 segment display
Programing for N298
The merits of delay() vs millis()
Coding in arduino ide
Can't get two rf24 to communicate
How to add velocity to your code
Robot bluetooth control and obstacle avoiding
How to turn "off" or black specific pixels on a LED string?
Problem with TFT screen while compiling
68:4: error: #error "Required HOMING_CYCLE_0 not defined." #error "Required HOMING_CYCLE_0 not defined."
68:4: error: #error "Required HOMING_CYCLE_0 not defined." #error "Required HOMING_CYCLE_0 not defined."
Need help my code dost work properly
MeanWell HLG PWM controll
How do you operate the buzzer with the desired motion after machine learning?
IR sensor spitting out multiple different codes for the same button, and occasional 0's?
Having trouble adding 1 to a variable and making lights correspond to those values
CAN-BUS Shield interface with 7 segment display
Problem with printing out a random number
Project hardware
Problem with TFT screen while compiling
Digital RCU tester
Tds meter not working
Problems with Potentiometer
D13 triggers when powering up (simon says)
TFT lcd blank screen
Communication between TWO Arduino nano 33 ble sense
Сompile code error: “undefined Reference to `Num::getNum()`
[Solved] Problem with Arduino Logic Analyzer project
FastLED and WS2812
Starter experiment/ invalid library
FastLED and WS2812
Sending sensor data to cloud server using Arduino Uno and ESP8266
Sending sensor data to cloud server using Arduino Uno and ESP8266
Duplicate rows on 32 x 64 LED Matrix display
FastLED July 4th Red/White/Blue Scrolling Help - Why is this code not working?
Max Leds control arduino nano
Hello team help
Project code sugestion
Making esp32 working with ILI9488
Monitoring project for a small fish farm
Two sequence using a switch and 8LED
Arduino act strange as I pull the cable out
Arduino code for pin i/o over BLE
High Current Measuring with ACS712 and Buzzer Module
My Arduino gesture control project
Serial is printing character by character
TFT lcd blank screen
Facing problem with EEPROM results
Arduino code for pin i/o over BLE
SoftwareSerial TX problem
Using a class from a separate .cpp is not working
Coding in arduino ide
Linear Actuator is not working with BTS7960
Arduino relay and motor issue
Neopixel WS2812B need find code int
Sparkfun esp8266 wifi shield not working
Ultrasonic Sensor Code
Vivarium controller
Arduino code for pin i/o over BLE
Ultrasonic Sensor Code suggestion
Arduino code for pin i/o over BLE
Need to run the loop function only when I call any function
</>(Uno R3) I'm trying to set up a temperature sensor and an LCD screen to display the temp. Can anybody Help?
BMP180 init fail
Flame sensore detects dire where there isnt
Help fix my code PLEASE
Powering and Controlling Separate LED Strips
Modifying existing Sketch to trigger PIN 13 LED at set point
Arduino Nano Füllstandsensor
ESP32 : Missing terminating " character
Exit status 1 'Mix' cannot be used as a function
Hello i need some help with ultrasonic sensors by communition serial
How to measure voltage of battery using ESP32 internal reference voltage?
Arduino Nano not uploading data to Nextion Display
Problem with printing out a random number
Millis() not delaying
00 scale turntable project
RC signal to trigger sounds on DFplayerMini using SparkFun ProMicro
Read SD file into an Array
Unintentional delay with Arduino
Error compiling for board NondeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module) related to firebase
How to use this forum - please read
Verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x0000
HardwareSerial Problem with ESP8266
New User MQTT help
Xvalue not declared in scope
DHT11 if else statements not working
Stop file from looping
DHT11 if else statements not working
Arduino as FM receiver
Magnetic hall sensors
How would I program this?
Fingerprint not detected
How do i print this string and float value
Relay module error
MCP4725 sinewave generator
I need help with my if statement
Arduino Duemilanove Stk500_recv and the reset button doesn't work
Looking for someone to write a simple program
Read SD file into an Array
Script only runs if it is connected with the computer
Controlling a Stepper Motor Using a Photoresistor
2.4" TFT LCD TOUCH SHIELD inverted
Error: expected primary-expression before '<=' token
Read values from a 3,5mm jack
Bro, i got stuck with my code. can you solve this code to connecting to website
Need help controlling motor with arduino
Problems with serial input
2 HC-SR04 (1 as trigger 1 as echo)
UTFT few display connection
HDQ comminication protocol - compile errors
Multiplexer issue
HP4067 Mux convert Serial to DigitalRead
'uint8_t' does not name a type me
Trying to segregate serial data and drive outputs
Fine tuning fan noise
Using limit switch
8 Servos with Arduino Mega 2560 R3
Not receiving data to the app
Level and quality of forum posts
Smoothing problem
Arduino Parola strolling text font
Need Help with programming this code
Have a problem with control the speed of 2 stepper motor
Boas precisava de ajuda porque quero enviar os dados de 4 sensores ultrassom por comunicação serial
Analog Reading for Temperature sensor Cumulative value
MIDI touch piano with two MPR121
Modification of a timelapse program
Getting Interupt every time switch press
How to add x1 and x2 button mouse logitech leonardo + usb shield
WS2812B Don't light more than 31 leds. Need help!
How to convert this function to int, is function String?
Percent timer by using arduino
Arduino pro mini timing seems to be off
Trying to display Serial Data on my LCD Screen
Re: creating alert when system crosses geofence
Im struggling with a delay bug in my code/project
Pump Control with Mosfet
433mhz led control button
Momentary Halo Switch Circuit - Will this work?
DC motor only runs when arduino is connected to pc
433mhz led control button
DragonFrame Motor Only going one way
Can anyone change this code to use it as a class (preferly mostly private) couse there are some other codes into the code that uses these classes by calling them in swich case or if else
Shaking servos on robotic marionette
PIR sensor controlling servo always reading HIGH
8 Channel millisecond timed based relays?
Serial Communication garbage while reading a char
NAOS (Arduino OS)
Use Rfm9x without antenna?
Stepper Motor will not go through a full rotation
Can't find zip library for 2.0.0-beta4
ESP 32 keeps restarting with AsyncWebServer
Hi friends plz i have problem with my relay i cant get any output from my arduino
Pausing code after my if statement
Reading messages by Arduino received from SIM800L GSM Module
Simple solar tracker
Library of the code
HC-05 Bluetooth module - laggy transmition
Button LED and sound problem
Arduino calculator using adder and xor
Arduino Ev ery and Library DS3231_Simple
PROBLEM reading from serial monitor
TMRpcm not working (stops playing immediately)
Data request using GSM shield
How to make "Hello World" on Oled 128x64 SPI
Mega/Motor Shield Power Problem
ADS124S08 data reading problem
Connecting between two NRF24s
Stepper Motor loosing steps
Need input please
Esp32-(xQueueGenericReceive)- assert failed
I want to make a count down time that auto repeats
Trying to determine if my NANO 33BLE is stationary at any time for a designated time frame
3 square wave generater
DS3231 Code - Clarification
RFID wrong code received over RS232
School project, automatic closed box solar system
Calculating frequency through analog pin
Adding readings of two load cell
7 segment clock multiplexer error
PROBLEM reading from serial monitor
Arduino UNO - increase motor speed (easy)
Serial command and carriage return
School project, SOLVED
5202 Motor Speed with RC Control
How to properly insert delay() function
How to properly insert delay() function
If statement with time condition
Arduino IDE code uploading errors
SerialSoftware Problem
ATtiny 13a issues
ESP32 touch pin to control relay
LCD "Shift" issue
HC05 - ZS-040 board Firmware v1.0.2
Using a dc motor with a photoresistor
Not declared in this scope, sound!
Send SMS once Arduino is triggered via a push sensor
NANO - Uploading forever
(Uno R3)Ultrasonic sensor& servo troubleshooting
(Uno R3)Ultrasonic sensor& servo troubleshooting
Controlling Several LED methods via Bluetooth
Using Uno to control a 5V non addressable led strip
LED Ultrasonic Sensor
Lcd printing 2 glitched letters
RS232 to TTL conversion last bit error
What is the best way to do this project?
Multiple Thermocouples on nano
How to programm a panic button
For loop only runs once
Weather station sketch crash after a few hours
Arduino Fingerprint Coding
UBLOX Neo-6M GPS Module not working / not powering on
Strobe Light Effect, HELP PLS!
Serial.println only printing out 0's
Scotchy diode dead
SD Card can't save new Pictures
SingleTact sensor
Why is variable "r" always one, even if i ground pin 3?
Stepper Motor turns once when powering up Arduino Mega
Serial communication (arduino to nodemcu) and max30100 problem
Hilfe brauche ein kurprogram abschnitt
Please Help! Programming or Wiring problem
How to stop repeat? basic questiom
Is my RTC ds3231 dead
Help with Stepper?
Looking for a two code fusion 1st for Relay 2nd for Servomotor Everything on a web page? need help I arrived at this result
Program Files (x86)\Arduino\arduino-builder returned 2 Error compiling for board Arduino Nano 33 BLE
External Interrupt speed for Nano 33 BLE
Starting and stopping 2 DC motors with limit switches
Can someone combine my coding for this Car lighting system
Arduino Not Lighting Up LED
Soil moisture combined with Temperature sensor (BME 280)
Simple Nano-based music player using an sd card
[solved] tft screen with esp8266
Serial Monitor Not printing with ESP-01
28BYJ-48 stepper motor with ULN2003
Homework Help Section
Two stepper motor
Using digipot to control water temperature
Programming Error: expected primary-expression before token
DHT Humidity and Temperature Sensor not working
HC-05 Bluetooth module not working correctly (with videos)
OSOYOO smart home mega2560 help
TFT touch Screen+ Serial communication
Arduino snap rover
Aruino UnO connected to SM sensor
Current or voltage control by PWM?
Multiple led's random on off
I need some urgent coding/circuit guidance for my project!
Expected primary-expression before 'void' please help
GC9A01 display using 8 bit Parallel on ESP32
Nodemcu with rs485
Two programs in arfuino
Need help with my school project ASAP! expected primary-expression before ')' token
Need help with my school project ASAP! expected primary-expression before ')' token
Trying to Display Time using time.h
Terminate Return()
Basic OOK with the RFM69
Decode data stream from serial
Why do I get these errors?
Help - Problem with Green LED not staying lit
Error when I upload
Help need for counter status
Problem with demultiplexing and multiplexing
Confused about max amp on boards
Read sensor connected to USB port via Arduino
Ethernet_shield not continously working
Stepper motor not turning correctly
How can I create a Water Sensor Vibrator Device?
I made Arduino Korean word clock. Please help me
Variable voltage controller w current sensing
Duplicated Row on RGB Matrix 64x32
Totaling all values of sensors
DNC Via Arduino Serial
Problem in serial communication and i2c lcd display not working togeather
How to make multiple menu on oled display wth esp32 and button
I need help for programming three voltage sensors
Serial commands from serial monitor queuing
L293D motor speed problem
Issues with NRFL24L01+ modules on project
Guys please please please help me ASAP
Buttonbox not compiling
Serial comms, Micro > Micro Pro
Read Duty Cycle and Drive Leds
ESP8266 with PxMatrix for P6 RGB 32x32 Matrix
Payload: Arduino - The Things Network (Arduino MKR WAN 1310)
Error compiling LowLatencyLogger
Need help in EEPROM
On/off button for code
On/off button for code
How to stop music on DFPlayer mini
Two or more data types in declaration of 'timeout'
SIM900A and Float Switch
MKR Wifi 1010 doesn't connect!
How to display Full text in LCD with i2c board
Multiple leds on ONE PWM pin
Problem in Getting Stepper Motor to Rotate
Serial Prints Average Sensor Read
Sistema de modulo para bico injetor
Elevator with 4 floors
Coding help? vfd to LCD or OLED
Linear Voltage Increase
Homework Help Section
Controlling 0-5.7v signal dc motor
Arduino uno lcd 16x2 i2c and serial print stuck can't update read data sensor
Help with arduino code!
How many ADC Pins Portenta H7?
Breadboard Voltage Input/Output
Arduino - bluetootth
Arduino - bluetootth
Force sensor with Arduino
Arduino - bluetootth
Clear interrupt flag using software
Code for rolling shade using Uno and Stepper
Solar Powered tracker
Using shift register for serial input
Question about Arduino Nano Every and Button, LED + Serial
Controlling modded servo continuous rotation
ESP8266 disconnected
Nono + momentary buttons + 2 relay module
Pass data From Arduino to PHP
FSR voltage steadily increasing
Shift register with millis possible?
Concatination of string
Concatination of string
LCD display and Rotary encoder to measure distance
Help with making a competition buzzer box
Three Phase Square Wave - An error occurred while uploading the sketch
Controlling servo direction using one push button
Controlling a relay with a limit switch
Issues with 12v and 12v relay to power a pump
nRF24L01+ Transmission failed or timed out
LCD keep flicking
Initializing SD card...initialization failed error
Timeout Error (serial)
Timeout Error (serial)
A too long array?
Multiple Dallas onewire busses on a Arduino
Servo keeps shaking
Random specific colors for NeoPixel
L298n needs arduino to be connected to pc
Any solution for multiple input shear same pin?
Unbekannte Fehlermeldung beim Sketch
GPIO Pins Layout In ESP8266 Motor Shield
Windows 7 fails to install drivers - not even listed in Device Manager
Yet another garbled monitor output
How to fix unstable analog output from A0 pin
Does State machine coding work on Nano
How to control multiple LEDs with 74HC595 shift register using millis()
Arduino: 2 digit 7 segment display with temperature sensor
Random specific colors for NeoPixel
Need help with attachinterrupt, it affects other functions under void loop
Error " 'lcd' was not declared in this scope "
NRF24 not receiving. Help needed
FastLED Parallel Output (Same Data Different Pins)
Using 2 arduinos and TMP36 to send message
Expected '}' at end of input Arduino Nano Elegoo
Serial not declared
Optical Bubble Sensor BE-A 401 (Panasonic)
Moving from a USB cable to bluetooth
Controlling a servo with 5 wires
Arduino UNO Quadcopter Schematics
How to maintain original data using strchr
How to maintain original data using strchr
Unable to compile for esp32 dev board module
Unable to compile for esp32 dev board module
While function not repeatedly checking state
Bluetooth Module not working?
RPM sensing withot causing delay in sketch?
Ttgo lora32 v2 and ds18b20 temp sensor
Need help with a project (5v .2amp fan system)
Does anyone know the solution for this one? it is already closed so i didnt see the solution. Sadly I am having the same problem
Ouput current dropping down
I cannot read text correctly through the serial port
Urgent help needed to fix the temperature sensor
How to use SWITCH?
RF433 and FastLed, problems with condition
Pressure sensor LCD I2C problem
Codigo para modulo relé doble canal
Simple keyboard string read won't work on Mega
Error compiling for board Arduino Nano 33 BLE : The paging file is too small for this operation to complete
SIM800L prints strange characters ot HTTPPARA="URL"
I want to take data from one device using usb and send to pc . which arduino board I should prefer?
Combinations of relay having delay
Mpu6050 and Servo
Beginners seeking help
[CORB] Arduino + NodeMCU (ESP8266) Daten können nicht abgerufen werden
Final touch the project
Arduino get function pass var from sensor reading
Unable to send RAW IR code to an AC
Working with DGS spec sensors and Arduino Mega board
Arduino code won't compile seeking help
What Causes the Torque Sensor to Have Unstable Output Signals?
Conversion from 'const char*' to 'char'
Looking for someone who can help me troubleshoot a project.
DC Motor Control using Mosfet
Ardino uno error uploding
Need help printing 6 digit value after decimal point
Arduino UNO + HC05 => weird data transfer
Arduino UNO + HC05 => weird data transfer
Array passing problem
Logging sensor data from BMP280 and BNO055
ESP01 8266 not responsive
NO OUTPUT for a proposed project
Led strip flickering
Crgbarray not meshing with crgb in declarations
Hex serial data receiving problem
Flux Capacitor inside a Track car
Interrupt execution delay
High signal detected although nothing is connected
Interrupt execution delay
Error 1 Error compiling for board Arduino Uno
Coding in Home Position for DC Motor
How do you make an LED increase in blinks based total number of times a button has been pressed
Why is each y position pos * 9 + 1
How to alter the value of a signal via poti?
Arduino - Bluetooth - Programming problem
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Hello guys can you halp me? for my aduino
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How to get the best out of this forum
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How to get the best out of this forum
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