Can I connect servos directly to the uno?

Hello all, I'm new to this forum and I'm planning on purchasing an arduino uno for making an obstacle avoding robot. But i have a few questions, Since i plan on using modified servos instead of DC motors and a third unmodified servo for a sharp IR rangefinder, will i need any shields or can i directly plug these into the microcontroller on the uno.Will i need something like the SB GVS sensor shield?

All help is appreciated

You don't need such a shield, but it might make things easier for you to build. My only concern on it is whether it supports in some manner a hook up to a separate power supply (battery pack or such) for use by the servos only. When you connect your servos (either with this shield or directly to the Arduino, which is easy), you should have them powered by a separate supply from the Arduino (rather than from the Arduino's regulator), because servos can use a bit of current, enough so as to cause a voltage sag and reset the Arduino (it won't harm the Arduino, but it can make debugging an issue a real pain). Regardless of how you hook them up, you would use the Servo library to control the servos.

Thanks for the prompt reply

can i not connect a separate battery pack to the regulator itself and then connect the servos directly??

can i not connect a separate battery pack to the regulator itself and then connect the servos directly??

I would not try to power the servos thru the uno. The only servo wires to connect to the uno are the servo control and ground wires. The servo power wires (usually colored red) need to be connected to the external power supply.

can i use a breadboard and connect the power wires from the servos and the sharp IR rangefinder to a battery??

hi, Have u calibrated the IR sensor. What is the range. Hmm , I think we can directly connect servo to the board. Just make use of servo library. Its easy to control servo.

you can use a breadboard but be sure to use a voltage regulator most sensors work on 5v dc and servos on 4.8 or 6v dc loook for these ratings and then decide

Can i use 2 separate battery packs. Can i connect the servo power wires and the sharp IR power wires to a breadboard and then use a voltage regulator and a battery pack to power these.And then use something like this and a separate battery pack to power the arduino.I wont have to use antoher regulator as the arduino already has one on board correct?? But do i have to connect the ground from the regulator on the breadboard to the ground on the arduino??? or the ground from the servos and sharp IR to the breadboard gnd and only the signal wires on the arduino??