Can I connect USB keyboard to arduino ????

I have a usb keyboard, want to connect to arduino
I want know usb data Data- / Data+ can direct use the serial protocols ???

just like Attach image

Or some better way??

thank everyone

please teach me :confused:

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If you want to connect a keyboard to an Arduino you need a USB Host shield.

But do make sure that the USB Host shield can work with your keyboard before spending money. I have no personal experience with the USB Host shield.



not an answer to the original question, but in case you have an old PS2 keyboard, that can be connected easily.

I used a 1$ PS2 connector module, but there are soldering instructions in PS2Keyboard lib.
In this posting you can find a simple editor based on PS2Keyboard and DueVGA libraries, and a youtube video:


You can connect USB Keyboard to Arduino with USBtoPS/2 adapter, PS/2 Arduino module and PS2Keyboard library,

Just found this little thing:

0,34$ with free shipping, I could not resist and ordered two.
[Sending snail main inside Germany does cost 0.70€(0.80$) at minimum ...]


The adapter works with every usb keyboard?