USB keyboard for Arduino series

I am trying to connect the USB keyboard . Around the Google Search saying that using USB keyboard conversion to PS2 is possible . i have checked usb to ps2 converted keyboard along with ps2 keyboard library it's working . but this bypass procedure is correct ? .

it's possible to use the connect the USB keyboard directly to Arduino Series Any of board ?

That's possible only with very few Arduinos that can act as USB masters. All others need a USB host shield for connecting other USB clients.

Which board ?

AFAIR the Leonardo can do.

ok thanks .. i will order the board .. which library i have use ?

Check the forum, I never used a Leonardo myself. Once you change the USB protocol you'll need an SPI programmer because the USB will no more connect to a PC.

Wait! :warning:

Leonardo's uC ATmega32U4 has a native USB, but it's just for the device and can't be the host!

I'm sure to OP wants to connect a USB keyboard to Arduino instead of making Arduino a USB keyboard.
This can be done using a USB host shield that uses a USB host IC such as the MAX3421E, or if you want to do it with Arduino alone, you need to use Arduino Due!


See my #2.

Yep. If so why suggested Leonardo? It can't do that...

So i can directly connect USB keyboard with Due . i will make order .
hope so i can use usb keyboard with 5v to 3.3v voltage shift with due .

And suggest the procedure to use ....

I have already suggested in #7.


See Keyboard Controller section.

All you need is a USB-OTG cable, just plug it into Arduino Due's native USB connector...
No other hardware required.