Can I find out when I uploaded past codes??


I am looking for a way to be able to see when I uploaded my Arduino codes to my Arduino, is there any sort of log within the program where I can see my activity?

Elizabeth LeRiche

You could include a Serial.print() statement in setup() that contains the date and time when the program is compiled. I don't know if there are "variables" that produce the date and time automatically. There is one called FILE (IIRC) that produces the file name so there may be others.

I had a somewhat similar problem - I wanted to keep a record of the exact code that had been uploaded and I wrote this Python compile and upload program to deal with that. I makes an archive copy of all the files that were compiled into the program and writes into the source code the name of the archive file. Thus, by looking at the Serial,print() message I can identify the archive folder where all the code files are.


There are some predefined constants like
FILE for filename
DATE and TIME for date and time of compliation.

For more information, look at: