Can I use analogWrite to reduce power draw on an active LOW relay board?

So I am using an active LOW relay board in my project meaning that when the arduino outputs LOW the relay is active. This project is going into a car and due to the nature of my project the relays will be off while the car is off meaning that the arduino will be outputting HIGH. SO actually my first question would probably be what kind of current draw should I expect while the arduino is putting those pins high? And then if there is some current draw my question is will I be able to reduce that by using analogWrite(130);? I found that the relays will not trigger until analogWrite is lower than 125 so if I set it to 130 I would not be outputting full voltage and the relays would still be off.

So two main questions: What kind of current draw should I expect when the arduino is holding the pins HIGH in order to keep the relays off?

Will using analogWrite(130); reduce that draw?

Thank you very much!!!

If its this relay module, then here is the datasheet. In any case, I would stick to using digitalWrite to control relays. If the transistors on the relay module are PNP type, then there would be practially zero current draw from the Arduino control pins when held HIGH.

Hi, do you have a DMM, measure the current out of the output pin and find out.

Tom..... :slight_smile: