Can I use infrared transmitter/receiver to detect heart pulse rate?

I want to know if the infrared transmitter/receiver modules in the following sensor list:
can be used to detect heart rate base on the simple following tutorial:

Take one for the team, and try it.

Specifically, I want to know if the KY-022 module and KY005 module, (Module Images in the following link):
can be used for heart beat detecting according to this tutorial:

If so, can you please explain to me how can I achieve such thing with respect to the following:
1- Is there any kind of synchronization between transmitter/receiver?
2- How to get a stable analog value from the receiver?
3- The Correlation between Heart beat rate and the obtained values?

providing circuit sketch will be very helpful but not necessary.
Thanks in advance ;D

1/ No. The IR transmitter LED is connected to a 5volt DC source, so the LED is emitting constant infrared light.
2/ You don't want a stable signal, The signal contains the heartbeat.
3/ Simple maths in software can work out the amount of beats per minute from the 'time BETWEEN beats', and clever software can ignore any hash between beats.

When I made a heartbeat monitor back in the seventies, I used a light to shine THROUGH the finger.
Look at the ones used in hospitals. They clip OVER the finger, and shield the outside light.

I've lost count: is that 3 or 4 threads you have on this subject now?

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