Can I use stained glass flux for electronics?

Like the title says. I have a big bottle of this.

Sort of. It would probably act as flux but if its a liquid it would cool the soldering iron/area and being an acid would need to be washed off afterwards with all the negative consequences of that (water,electric, possible corrosion etc etc). For what the pukka item costs its more trouble than its worth.

I would suspect it comes down to the chemistry used in the flux. My limited knowledge of the subject is that some fluxes are acid based and some rosin based, where electronic applications always stressed to not use acid based flux.


No absolutely not, the flux you have is based on hydrochloric acid and that will corrode your circuits over time.

Probably corrode them rather quickly at 260 deg C!! Soldering flux is rosin, not acid.

You don't need to buy flux, electronic solder comes with a rosin core.

OK the stained glass flux stays for stained glass. That's probably why they call it STAINED GLASS flux! :roll_eyes:

I do have rosin core solder and flux.......I was just curious?