Can servo motor and LCD display be powered by arduino battery power?

Hi guys,

I am using arduino uno R3 to come up with a device which has the following components:

  1. 1x 20 x 4 LCD display
  2. 1x Servo motor
  3. 2 x push buttons

And am planning to run the arduino using 6V battery source.

Can all the components be connected to the arduino and powered by the 6V battery? Or do I need to have a seperate 6V battery source for the motor?


It depends on the size of the servo and the size of the battery.


And am planning to run the arduino using 6V battery source.

That part might be a problem. Anything over 5V implies you're powering the Arduno via its internal voltage regulator, but that needs 7V or more to produce 5V. If you supply the voltage regulator with 6V (or perhaps less, when there are other loads on the battery) the actual voltage on the 5V line will be less than 5V. That might cause stability problems, so if you take this route test it carefully and be prepared to look for other options.

IIRC, 6v is not a good voltage for the Arduino. You either want 5v regulated through the USB port or 7-12 volt through the external power port (the voltage regulator needs a higher voltage to work to reduce the voltage for the chip to 5v).

I could not use my LCD shield (16x2) and a servo together on an Uno R3. On the Uno, the servo library disables PWM functionality on pins 9 and 10, and my particular LCD shield used either pin 9 or 10 with PWM functionality. I imagine if you used an LCD display that uses I2C (or maybe SPI), it would work with a servo.