Can someone help me answering this?

Can someone help me answer this:

Write a program to print out a Fahrenheit conversion table for all integer
temperatures between and including -20 deg Celsius to 40 deg Celsius. The formula
for converting is F= (C * 9.0/5.0)+32.0 Use a floating variable to store the answer
before printing it out to the Serial Monitor.

Any help or code would be great,
Thank you.

So you are writing a test where they ask you to write two sketches and want us to do the work ?

Kind of not going to lie, I'm not asking you to do the work.
I've missed some classes because of personal problems. This is an assignment due today not a test and I've got completely no idea since we just started with Arduino coding. I understand what you are saying and I apologize.

What Arduino do you have ?

Do you know what an integer number is ?

Do you know what a float number is ?

Do you know what a for( ) loop is ?

Do you know how to send things to the serial monitor ?

Don't worry Larry, I'll try to figure out myself, I've got lots of hate from other forums and now I feel bad. Thank you for your time and for the responses. Have a good day!

So you cannot answer 5 questions ?

Was going to teach you those things you didn’t know in my last post, but it’s all up to you.

Here is a start:

int celsius;
float fahrenheit;

void setup()

  for (int celsius = -20; celsius < 41; celsius++)

} //END of setup()

void loop()

} //END of loop()

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