Can this project be done with an arduino?

Please tell me, if this is possible with an arduino:

(not detailed, but if this can be handled, theoretically by this device in general terms)

My project:

Add a barcode scanner, an keypad, a display, and wlan to the device.
(this should be possible)

The device has to been activated first by an RFID tag.

If the device is turned on a simple menue is shown:

  1. Info
  2. Add items
  3. Remove items

Option 1: The user scans a barcode, the barcode is send via wlan to an server and
the item information is sent back to the device and displayed on the monitor.

Option 2: The user scans the barcode, the item information is shown.
Then he is asked how many items he want to add. The quantity number, the item number and the user number
are send to the server.

Option 3: The same to remove items.

What do you think? Is such project to much, or the arduino the wrong platform to realize it?

Arduino WiFi is fairly common and RFID readers are cheap and plentiful. I think the bar code reader is going to be the hard part. If you can find a reader you like with TTL Serial output you may be in luck.

Here's a project that use a PS/2 (old IBM PC, not PlayStation 2) barcode reader: Arduino Playground - HomePage

Here's one that uses a Motorola/Symbol commercial scanner head: Overview | Barcode Scanner | Adafruit Learning System

seems doable to me. The issue is where are you saving this data? probably need an sdcard for storage. Need a wifi sheild for wireless/network access. A keypad and a lcd screen.
looks like all that would be under $150 at sparkfun. Not sure how you would actually scan in the item. I suppose somebody has attached a barcode reader to an arduino at somepoint since its just basically a keyboard.

I've never done any of that with an Arduino, so don't give too much weight to anything I say... :wink:

To me, that looks like a lot of additional hardware. But, it doesn't look like anything the Arduino can't handle with additional hardware & interface chips, etc.

So for a final design, you might want to make your own circuit board with all the stuff on it, rather than hanging a bunch of shields/boards off the Arduino board. Or, maybe it would make sense to design your own "super shield" with all of that stuff on it. I'm assuming that you are making a "real product" and you might need more than one of them.