Can't convert png/jpg to bmp : trying with ImageMagick , GraphicsMagick

I just try to convert png to bmp using openwrt on arduino yun. However I never convert it, this means new bmp file don't change data structure (e.g. header name) but filename was changed.

1) I also checked imagemagick version, below is result. This version of is not same between package name and actual software.

opkg install imagemagick opkg install imagemagick-png opkg install imagemagick-jpeg opkg install imagemagick-tools

(remark : installed current version : 6.7.8-2)

convert -version

Version: ImageMagick 6.7.8-10 2014-11-13 Q16 Copyright: Copyright (C) 1999-2012 ImageMagick Studio LLC Features:

2) In other way, I also tried to install GraphicsMagick based on result 1). I found this package also has problem.

wget wget opkg install GraphicsMagick_1.3.8-2_ar71xx.ipk opkg install GraphicsMagick-jpeg_1.3.8-2_ar71xx.ipk

opkg update gm /bin/ash: gm: not found

I think it is package(compile) problem, so please let me know how to resolve.



Check on SonnyYu's Website. He is one of the regulars here, but he is not on until later.

And if you don't mind compiling, this is also a good tool set:


Dear Jesse,

Thank you for your prompt reply, i will test around your suggestion, thanks!



I checked for trying pbmplus around Jesse's suggestion, I need to convert png(or jpeg) -> bmp directly. In this case I think it is better that imagemagick or graphicsmagick can re-compile for arduino yun.

So please let me know how to resolve if you have any idea.

Thank you for your confirmation!


Thanks a lot for your kind reply!