Can't find a specific ESP32 board in Boards Manager

I can successfully program the board defined as an ESP32 Wrover Module, Default 4MB with SPIFFS, QIO, 80MH, 921600, None, with the Arduino Windows IDE 1.8.16.

When attempting to use the Arduino IDE2.0.0-beta.12, I cannot find an equivalent board in the boards manager drop-down list. Is there currently any support for the above specified board?

Hi @DennisZ. Yes, it is supported. It shows up just as expected for me:

Do you see any ESP32 boards at all listed on the menu? It might be helpful if you can post a screenshot.

I installed the IDE again and now I have the ESP32 Wrover Module in the board manager drop-down.

I'm glad to hear it! Thanks for taking the time to post an update.

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