Can't get Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense's data on Excel Data Streamer

Hey Everyone,

I am trying to get the IMU sensor data (accelerometer, gyroscope & magnetometer) on Excel sheet using Excel Data Streamer Add-in, this IMU sensor is built-in in Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense.

As mentioned above in topic, I can't get data visible on Excel sheet and I don't know the reason behind it.

However, data is visible on Arduino Serial monitor and Serial plotter. I have already check a lot of tutorials, couldn't find any way, as everything is correct. COM port is selection is correct, baud rate is also same on both program & excel.

Any type of suggestion or highlighting possible issues or any other reason will be warmly welcomed.

NOTE: I have already used third party softwares like Coolterm and few others, they are working fine, but I don't want to use them. I want to directly transfer the data on Excel.


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I'm not familiar with excel data streamer so can't advise. What is Data Streamer? - Microsoft Support provides two links for support

Welcome to the forum.

The Excel Data Streamer does not seem to like Arduinos with native USB. I tried this with an Arduino Nano Every and everything works as expected. When I connect my Arduino Nano 33 BLE or Arduino RP2040 Connect it does not.

It is still easy to get it to crash with the Arduino Nano Every when playing with all the options. But after restarting everything, it works again.

Any possible solution for it, how to get arduino nano 33 ble sense data on excel.

Maybe PLX-DAQ version 2 - now with 64 bit support! (and further new features) ? No idea if it will be an improvement, I've never used it.

I contacted Microsoft support and they told me they do not support Add-ins.

Other communities seem to have issues with this as well. Someone in the Parallax forum developed a solution for boards with FTDI chips.

That will not help you but shows this is not a reliable solution from Microsoft. Maybe this was somebody’s hobby project.

Hi @Dushyant_Kumaar464: I am the developer of the PLX DAQ v2 tool sterretje linked you to.
Have you tried it? It works perfectly for sending data from Arduino to Excel over the Serial interface. I don't think an Arduino Nano should be any different from the hundreds of projects already making use of PLX DAQ. Never had any complaints about BLE or FTDI chips.

Please give it a try, there is an extensive Beginners Guide available that will quickly give you an impression on the few commands needed to send data from Arduino to Excel.

In case of any questions just mention me in your reply and I'll be happy to help.


I have tested PLX DAQ v2 tool too. Unfortunately, it is also not working for me (at least).

Being a developer of PLX DAQ v2 tool, I would love if you can fix this issue, specifically for Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense.



thanks for the screenshot, it shows that you are not using my version but maybe the version of Parallex? Since I enhanced PLX DAQ v1 to my V2 years ago Parallelx only recently released a very basic V2 of their own.

Please give it a try with my version linked above and expand the UI to show the DirectDebugWindow as well. It will help debugging.


It is also not working too.

Not only, I won't display data, but also whole Excel sheet including PLX-DAQ-v2.11 UI crashes every time, after showing 5 seconds of data in direct debug logs.

Hi @Dushyant_Kumaar464,

I see you are not using the correct syntax. When sending data to Excel please use the following code in your Arduino:
Serial.println( (Serial) "DATA," + var1 + "," + var2 + "," + var3 );

The DirectDebugWindow shows the data being transferred in "default" format like it is needed for the Serial Monitor. PLX DAQ needs commands like LABEL, CLEARSHEET, DATA to know where to put the data on the Excel sheet.

Thanks a lot @NetDevil, can't believe that you will provide that much support..!!!!

In given below screenshot you can see, I am getting data for 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis Gyroscope of IMU sensor (built-in in Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense).

Only issue is my code, still won't show labels. If could fix it, I will be much more thankful for this.


IMUdata_PLX_DAQ_.ino (1.3 KB)

you are very welcome. I really enjoy enabling people to use my version of PLX DAQ to just progress in their projects as I know visualization and data gathering can be so useful for debugging and understanding. That is why it is my pleasure to answer to questions - although truth be told I would also like to progress the software further but that is absolutely out of reach at the moment :-/

Anyways nice to see your data finally in!

Regarding the labels, your code looks just fine - maybe try removing the blanks between the commas? It shouldn't be an issue but maybe that is why.
Otherwise what is shown in the DirectDebugWindows? Is the Label command received correctly?

@NetDevil Can you please send me the link where i can download your version?
Thanks in advance

Hi sunim, it can be found on this board actually: PLX-DAQ version 2 - now with 64 bit support! (and further new features) - #72 by NetDevil

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