Can't get PN532 to work


I'm new on this forum so I will introduce myself for a bit. I'm Justin, 16 years old and from Holland. I have been busy with Arduino a few months now and because I'm in my last year of secondary school, I have to write a Final Assignment.

For this, I have choosen the subject 'NFC and RFID'. I did this because this technology really grabs my interests. As an addition to my text-based Final Assignment, I would like to make an NFC-device. Here starts the trouble.

I bought an NFC shield for my Arduino, some tags and started building. Clicking the shield on top of the arduino, download the PN532-library and loaded an example project (readMifareTargetID.PDE). After this, I clickec on the upload button inside the Arduino software. I got the following error - even though I installed the library correctly:

I don't understand what's going wrong.

I use an Arduino Uno R3 with this shield: I really hope someone can help me, I don't know what to do right know and I'm really stuck with my whole project.

Thank you!

Hi, for some reason I am unable to see your error picture, can you copy and paste the error message or type it out.

Ah I see what you mean.

You installed the files in the wrong folder, where did you put them, in the Arduino folder OR the Arduino 1.0.1 (your version) folder?

Try swapping the files to the other folder and upload again.

I installed them in Arduino-1.0.2. After your message, I tried to install in My documents/Arduino/Libraries but got the same error.

Can you post your main code and your .h and .cpp files. Better yet give me a link to where you downloaded your code and I'll try to compile it.

This is the link for the PN532 library:

My example file can be found in de “examples”.

I figured out the problem.
First, put the folders in the Arduino 1.0.2 folder under library.

Second, open both PN532.h and PN532.cpp and change #include <Wprogram.h> TO #include <Arduino.h> for both.
Third, save the newly edited files and close them and the arduino program.

Reopen Arduino and enjoy your working program.

Sorry I took so long to respond, I was busy with other things, anyway, I had that problem myself and yours took less than ten seconds to fix.
Your one of the lucky ones, others…not so fast.

Thank you very much. I'm not at home right now, but when I am, I will definetly try it!