Can't login through google oauth

Literally had to make a new account just to post this.

Anyway when I go to login via google the window pops up to let me select my account. I select my gmail account and it shows "One moment please..", closes the window after a second. The login screen stays the same. No loading, or reloading of the page. Nothing.

Things I've tried..

Updated windows 10,
Restarted computer,
Attempted login on chrome and firefox,
cleared cookies

Any help would be great! I was motivated and ready to go and this wrench got thrown in the works.

Thanks in advance friends.

Things that can cause such glitches include browser add-on’s, AV or other security type software, Full Cache, etc.

Clearing cookies was a good choice but often clearing the CACHE will also help along with trying with an incognito window and turning off any additional security to test.

I don’t use the google sign in myself as I use alternate email (non google) to log in.

Another quick way to see any issues in chrome is to click the 3 dots (upper right) then select “more tools” and now select “developer tools” before trying to use the chrome log in.
Once the dev section has opened select “console” and any connection type errors will be listed there.

You can copy and paste them back here but PLEASE use the code tags option to do that ( </> ).