can't mount uno onto starter kit board

My Official Starter Kit arrived today but I got stuck right away on page 12 of the Arduino Projects Book.

The illustration in Step 4 had me trying to turn a slot-head machine screw using a Philips driver bit.

Has anyone else experienced this “fail”?

hi wrjt!

i have the starter kit for some weeks. there can be a difference between the pictures in the book on page 12 and the screws they put in the starter kit. but there should be no problem attaching the arduino-board on the woodden plate. just use the cross-head-machine-screw as i did. (i made 2 pictures so you can see, how i did it!)
hope i could help?!?

Thanks for your reply, jn-wp, and your photos.
I haven't been able to login until now, but I have successfully mounted the arduino to the wooden board.
I used 3 small rubber grommets between the wood and the arduino so that the arduino pins don't touch the wood.
Everything is working fine. I just thought it funny that a starter kit manual instructs you to drive a slotted screw with a Philips driver!