Wooden Base Instructions

Hello all!

I am a newbie and just getting started. :smiley: Someone may have mentioned this, but while looking at the Wooden Base Instructions in the Arduino Projects Book included with the Arduino Starter Kit I noticed the following:

  1. In instruction 3, it shows Part A being inserted into the Wooden Board from the wrong side. :stuck_out_tongue: Later instructions depict the pieces magically on the other side.

  2. In instruction 4, it shows a Philips Screwdriver being used on Flathead screws. Haha. The screws included in the kit are Philips, though.

  3. In instruction 4, it does not show or have in the description to use the nuts with the screws.

I hope I do not come off as nitpicking, (if I am wrong you can tell me haha) but in the event that the Arduino Projects Book gets a revision... I hope they consider correcting these for other newbies.

Here's to a great time with an awesome product! Can't wait to start on ideas I haven't come up with yet. Cheers!

Where did you get the kit from?

Amazon, the Official Arduino Starter Kit with 170 page projects book.

This kit:

I got the same kit from amazon, did you end up putting the feet on the top of the board or the bottom? I can't even get the feet on mine to fit in the bottom. It's pretty frustrating.

As a recommendation, if you have some spare PC parts sitting around I used some motherboard screws to lift mine since it did not fit too well, just use some strong glue to prevent them from spinning.

See the image attached, the only issue is that it lifts the arduino a little but it doesn’t tilt at all.

Thanks for posting this. I recently picked up the starter kit for my daughter and she and I had the same confusion putting the board together. It'd be nice if they do make this revision in the future as I kinda wanted her to be able to figure it out herself without me intervening/troubleshooting.

I had the same problem with the "feet" - there were four "E" shape pieces and I attached them (with some difficulty) to the wrong side, but no amount of pushing and tapping with a light mallet would get them into the proper side. I briefly considered whittling them, (joking) but all in all I found that as an absolute beginner to anything like this, that it's such a trivial detail but some folks might let themselves be completely derailed by this issue. I gave up, only to have trouble wondering where I was going to get three screws to fix the Arduino to the board, only to search in here and find that they were, in fact, in the electronics components box....then later wondered about nuts (after I'd packed everything away) and then found out the nuts were in there also. Lots of trivialities that have nothing much to do with the actual game-play of the device, really.