Capacitive censoring to play a song?

We currently have created a touch board with Arduino. This touch board has a light that turns on when our hand touches the metal. Instead of having a light turn on we want to have a song play instead; does anyone have any suggestions on what we could do to get our music playing?

Thanks :)

DF Player Mini.

thanks :) we bought it. Any idea on the code? And how do we connect a good quality speaker so it is loud?

The DF player library has lots of examples on how to deal with the thing, check them out.

The player has a built-in amplifier, you can connect a 4Ω 3W speaker to this. Make sure your power supply can deliver at least 1A.

If not good/loud enough for you, use the line output and connect a regular amplifier. Get a big enough amplifier and your sound can be so loud you have to open the windows before really turning up the volume, or risk blowing them out.

thank you so much for your help :)!