CC3000 wifi on DUE

Here are some initial test results of TI's CC3000 wifi chip on the Adafruit breakout board: The Adafruit CC3000 library (github) was recently updated to include support of DUE. Results for some UDP and TCP tests on DUE (12 mhz SPI) and on Teensy 3.0 and 3.1 (8 mhz SPI) and mega2560 (8 mhz SPI) can be found at

(To support big buffers, required patch to SPI.transfer loop in ccspi.cpp to use uint16_t loc )

mantoui, I am so sorry this is not related to this topic, but I am impressed with your posts to this forum so far and I want to know if you are interested in some work related to the DUE. Please contact me at 5847035(at) is you are interested. Thanks! Cedric