CC3000 Wifi Shield and Mega 2560 r3

Hi everyone. I'm using some sensors (LM35, DS18B20, DHT11, MQ135, ...) and LCD and keypad. I can see the sensors from serial monitor and i can send to internet, when i use just sensors. But when i use sensors + LCD + keypad, i can see the sensors from serial monitor just one time and i can't see from internet (never from internet). What do you think? What can be my problem? I tried everything but i could't find nothing. Please help me :frowning: I have hurry for my final project from my university. :confused:

What do you think?

That there is something wrong. I'd guess that it's software, but there is the possibility that it is hardware.

I have hurry for my final project from my university.

Nothing like waiting until the last minute to do a major project.

I don't think that it is hardware.

Actually I trust myself for software, but I didn't know Arduino. I learned in a short time. At first there was too many things for not to start. I accomplished a lot in a short time. But I don't know internet concept.

Anyway :slight_smile: Why I don't understand that when my program is complex, I can write to serial monitor for once and I can't write to internet.

Why when my programme is not complex I can write to serial monitor and internet (everytime) ?

Can you post your full sketch?

I am having kinda the same issues with Ethernet as well.
I am looking for proper code for DS18B20 and a DHT22 and the CC3000 Shield and learning it is taking a bit of time.
It's not much different than Ethernet, but there are some nuances.

So, the way I see it is, you will have to use interrupts, between the updating of the TFT and the sending of data via Network(Internet/LAN,whatever).

The TFT is not presenting a window of opportunity for the HTTP to be sent.

I have mine setup to show a slide show, picture, temps, picture, temps, about every 5 sec.

In order for the HTTP Requests to be returned, there has to be an interrupt to process it and make HTTP available. This is beyond my comprehension right now.

Also note that with the CC3000, certain Pins are unusable,,,

The pins used by the shield are as follows: for the Sparkfun,, and the Adafruit is different, see below

2 (INT) is the interrupt pin that the CC3000 uses to notify the Arduino that it has data.

7 (EN) is the enable pin that the Arduino uses to turn the CC3000 off and on.

8 (SDCS) is the chip select for the SD card.

10 (CS) is the chip select for the CC3000.

11 (MOSI) is the SPI communication line from the Arduino to the CC3000.

12 (MISO) is the SPI communication line from the CC3000 to the Arduino.

13 (SCK) is the SPI clock line.

The TFT uses similar pins by default, depending on which TFT you are using.
I have 2 different ones, same form factor and size and model, but different pin outs.
SainSmart 1.8" TFT (ST7735) and an Adafruit 1.8" TFT (ST7735), total pain in the arse.

I like the Adafruit better though.
But it uses pins,,,
TFT_CS 10 // Chip select line for TFT display
TFT_RST 9 // Reset line for TFT (or see below...)
FT_DC 8 // Data/command line for TFT
SD_CS 4 // Chip select line for SD card

In order to get the SDCard and Backlight fully working, I had to do this.
these do not need to be defined in the sketch, just plugged in.
Took me a while to figure this out. It did not work till I did this.

Backlight = 53 (LITE on the board)
MISO = 50
SCK = 52
MOSI = 51

hope this helps some.

Adafruit CC3000 Shield

SCK - #13
MISO #12
MOSI #11
CS for CC3000 #10
CS for SD Card #4
IRQ #3
I think the Rainsun is very similar to the Adafruit..