CEC control over hdmi

Hi All hope all is going well for you
Im fairly new to arduino although I have some experience with atmel 323p using C

My job entails working with audio visual , connecting, installing servicing lCD TV

Being involved in this is quite new to me thus I now want to know more about the CEC control interface present on the hdmi specification

I have been reading extensively into this subject and now want to start putting some software together for using with this bus Having read through various literature on many websites I notice that there is a CEC library available for the arduino, hence my question is ,"Where do I download this library from " I cant seem to find this or perhaps never having used code google before i possibly do not know how to obtain this

One link suggests this


Could someone please assist and provide correct direction and provide a direct download link for this

Thanking you for any assistance you can provide

Hi All

Problem resolved I think
After searching all over the net I found some of the answers I'm looking for in this post here

A special thank you to the gentleman who put this together and for his hard work re this topic

I also found many other solutions to this as well for those interested which im sure there will be I've posted these answers plus links to this site as well as others on facebook

link below which includes a links to a full xls spreadsheet with all hex codes used etc plus other solutions in C , C# for the client side of this

Quite a learning curve this