Change Arduino display name (Optiboot)

Hi everyone:)

I just new to Arduino :slight_smile:
I want to change Arduino name in device display in windows or linux device listing! also I jsut want to change vendor ID and Device ID as well!

So there is a problem! I cannot find descriptor.c or simmilar in optiboot source code :frowning:
also I cannot find arduino Windows and linux driver source code too :frowning:

So the quesion is how can I change Arduino UNO, Mini and NANO name which using optiboot as bootloader ? I already have programmer for atmel chips (which is installed on my arduinos) and reupload arduino uno firmware.

Also, I jsut want to make hard (Not to disable it because I need it for firmware update!) to upload new codes to Arduino to prevent delete device software accidentally and brick it!

Thanks a lot and have a lovely day:)

That is located in the USB-serial chip's firmware, not the optiboot bootloader running on the ATmega328P.

If you're using a board with an ATmega16U2 USB-serial chip, you can find the firmware in the hardware/arduino/avr/firmwares subfolder of the Arduino IDE installation:

Thanks a lot:)

My UNO using ATmega16U2 chip!
But others (MEGA and NANO) does not have such a chip! nor an ICSP pinout to connect it to a programmer! what about those? for Arduino MINI I believe no need for it because it seems there is no usb serial interface integrated!

If you have a dedicated USB-serial chip such as CH340, FT232, CP2102, PL2303, etc. then you will need to research if there is a specific process you can use to change the VID/PID of the chips or whether you will need to order them custom from the manufacturer. I know it's possible to change in the FTDI FT232 because they released a driver that changed the PID on counterfeit chips to 0x0000, which made them no longer be recognized by the FTDI driver. That's done over USB, no ICSP needed. I don't know about the others, you'll need to search around on the manufacturer's website to see whether the process is documented and if they provide tools.