change ATMEL on Uno

hi board,

i think its possible to change the Atmega 328P-PU on the UNO board.
just changing dont there a how-to ?


Does the replacement Atmega 328P-PU have a bootloader installed?

sorry for my late answer.

the problem was the missing bootloader.
with this tuto

i can use the new atmel


if your old atmega dead ? if it still works you can install the arduino isp sketch or use the optiloader sketch

Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. (this is the last version of the arduino isp sketch)
GitHub - WestfW/OptiLoader: Arduino sketch for burning new bootloaders
to burn the bootloader

hope this helps

thanks putyn,

the old 328er died but i have a second one :slight_smile:
i burned the bl link descripted in my prev. post.

if your new atmega doesn't have a bootloader youll have to burn one in order to use it the same way you used your uno before
since you cant use your arduino to load the optiloader sketch or the arduino isp sketch youll need to buy/make a dedicated programmer

if you chose to buy it there are several places where you could do it depending on how much money you are willing to spend

ebay its the cheapest place where you can buy one for 6-7$ w/ free shipping youll get an usbasp programmer (i actually paid 5.4$) only problem is with the shipping time which for Romania (where i live) it took almost 3 weeks

or from adafruit USBtinyISP AVR Programmer Kit (USB SpokePOV Dongle) [v2.0] : ID 46 : $22.00 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits usbtiny programmer @22$ i cant tell you anything about shipping time or cost

or from sparkfun this is based on the usbtiny (but it doesn't have a case) and it costs around 15$ from what i know shipping depends on the package weight so should be pretty cheap just for that programmer and the shipping time its also decent , again for Romania it was 5-7 days
there is another programmer sold by sparkfun (AVR STK Serial Port Dongle Programmer - PGM-00014 - SparkFun Electronics) but it requires a serial port and according to the olimex's site the programmer doesnt work with a usb to rs232 converter

ofcourse there are many others shops where you could buy one

now if you like to diy and learn a few things in the process you could make your own programmer (like i did myself :smiley: after i bought the one from ebay cause it took so much time to arrive)
ive build mine based on the usbasp programmer USBasp - USB programmer for Atmel AVR controllers - there are many flavors some using smd components some using dip some using both :slight_smile:

or usbtinyisp (the same one adafruit sells it for 22$) there are so many result on a google search for tinyusbisp that i dont know what link to post :lol:
or if you still have a computer that has a serial port you can try building the programmer sparkfun sells (here is the schematic
and probably the cheapest one if you have a parallel port (the one used on old printers) is this one

now if you chose building your own and you don't want to buy a kit ( like the one adafruit sells) youll be faced with the problem of burning the firmware on the microcontroller youll be used so i takes a programmer to build one

hope this will help

Thanks Putyn, I bought a couple of those Ebay programmers. Good price!

yeah they are really cheap and they also have a jumper (actually its an resistor) which would allow you to run it @ 3.3v - if you dont mind waiting ebay its a nice place to get the cheap electronic components

yeah they are really cheap and they also have a jumper (actually its an resistor) which would allow you to run it @ 3.3v - if you dont mind waiting ebay its a nice place to get the cheap electronic components

The link to the programmer:

My programmers have come in. I am having some trouble though. I loaded the driver and it shows up as libusbwin-32-devices
USBasp but not as a port like an Arduino would. I have downloaded WinAVR, and Extreme burner AVR. I do not know how to make the device usable with Arduino IDE or any other programmer as it does not show up as a port.

I need a tutorial that shows every step to using it if possible.

Any help would be great,

but not as a port like an Arduino would.

It's not supposed to. The low-cost AVR programmers (in general) don't show up as a serial port, but as an HID device (like a mouse or keyboard, but not generating mouse-or-keyboard-like data.) AVRDUDE (the program that uploads the bootloader or programs bare AVR chips) should know how to talk to them.

One of the brilliant things about Arduino is the elimination of this sort of complexity. "your microcontroller looks like a serial port and programs can talk to like they would talk to a serial port, even though your computer doesn't have a serial port" is SO much better than "link your program with the python (versiom 3.2 or later) connector (version 0.65 or later) to libusb (version 2 or later) and use VID/PID 1234/5678"...

Thanks for the response, at least now I know that I have the driver loaded correctly. I will keep trying to figure out AVRDUDE.

i didn't try my usbasp programmer on windows - but on linux its working great ive used it with the last version of the arduino ide ( arduino 1.0) cause its added to the list of programmer , also used it lost of times while burning the optiboot bootloader using the makefile , and used it with eclipse with the avr plugin in order to make a decent IDE that will work on linux
to test my usbasp on linux im doing something like this , if used on linux care must be taken about permission for accessing the usb

avdude -c usbasp -P usb -p atmega8 -vvv