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Good evening people. I am trying to make Arduino nano 33 BLE sense use serial communication via its bluetooth, like we do in SoftwareSerial library. I have found this library written by a member of community:, but sadly, it doesn't work for the BLE unit on the device. The library works nRf58122 and nRF8001, but the device has nRF52840. Can you suggest how I can amend this library to suit the needs. I am a Novice in Arduino so I can handle a bit of jargon, but not too much. I would really appreciate any help.

If you can, would you point me to any already existing library if this can't be helped?

for Nano 33 BLE use ArduinoBLE library

I am trying to make Arduino nano 33 BLE sense use serial communication, like we do in SoftwareSerial library

There is no need for SoftwareSerial on that device. The TX and RX pins on the nano 33 ble sense are a hardware uart port accessed as Serial1 and independent of the usb serial.

I wish to work with its bluetooth for serial data transfer

I apologize, I misunderstood your posting. The library you referenced implements the Nordic Uart Service for communication between the peripheral and central.

This library uses the Nordic Uart Service with the Nano 33 BLE. It is available through the library manager.

I have used the library example SerialPassthrough with the nRF UART 2.0 app on my Android phone.

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