Cheap eBay 4x4 keypad.  Anyone know the pinouts?

I bought a couple of these because they were cheap, but I don't have any idea what the pinouts are. Does anyone have any idea?

Even better, if anyone has a sample project using one of these....

I have very similar keypads at home. 4 pins are connected to the rows and other 4 pins are connected to columns, when you press the button the column and row pins corresponding to button get shorted.

If you have multimeter use continuity function to find out - press one button and see which pins are shorted. After a few buttons you'll work out which pins correspond to columns/rows.

You can see keyboard diagram at

Had a good look at the Ebay link you provided and this is different keypad to what I have... Ignore my previous post.

The meter told me what I needed to know. Pins 2-5 are the columns and pins 6-9 are the rows. I am going to try the keypad library out now.

The meter told me what I needed to know.

Cool, you got a talking meter, mine I have to read. ;)