Cheap MicroSD card socket

I'm looking for a MicroSD card socket like:

It seems rather expensive for what you get. If anyone has found a cheap source of a component like this I would gladly hear of it!



ebay 131132034753 micro-sd, no regular, with voltage converter

or regular sd without the voltage converter 111318718028

word of caution. not all SD sleeves can be soldered with a hot iron. some have the connectors burred under the housing and need more delicate attention

also, some have a switch to signal when a card is installed some have a push-in, pop out mechanism.

most you see for $1.00 are totally manual. you push in and you pull out.

the link was to a push in-pop out, much more mechanical than the manual ones.

In qtys of 1000 they are cheap!

@dave-in-nj: that first one (131132034753) is spot on ! What a beautiful find ! I can't replicate them for that price, thank you so much. I see I should use ebay more often as a place to look for good and cheap electronics. Apart from ebay (and, would you recommend any other site to check out before inquiring here at the forums?

@markT: hahaha, I wish my project would need a 1000, that would mean a 1000-person lasertag game, that would be epic ^^ I'll settle for the above from ebay, but your input is appreciated, thanks



I had used a micro SD Card Adapter like this. I had soldered some pins to the adapter.


... wow ... that is also a very elegant solution. It might not beat the added 3v3 regulator and the 4050 chip on the smd board, but I might use this for another project, cheers !

and schematic
I used it in this work.


Thanks for sharing, that is quite an impressive project !

Cheers, Jack