Cheap scope with LCD


I have been looking some time to find a cheap solution for situations where I need a scope.

I found this:

I bought it, it's on it's way to me now. For US based people it might be cheaper to buy here:

I am posting this since I thought it might be a nice first Oscilloscope for people that don't want to spend a lot of money for a first scope that can do more than they need.


That is the coolest looking scope I've ever seen. I love the design choice of bare PCB! Imagine the looks of envy your tech friends will have when you pull that out of a pocket and solve a problem.

I love the pricepoint on it - and it looks really neat too. Would save me from having to continually borrow my friends o-scope when I need one. :)

News about the scope ??

I received the scope, shipping took only a few days. I haven't had time to do any testing yet.

Edit: Anybody else that bought it?

I might buy the kit version. Looks like fun to solder up....

If u can, tell your impressions. I’m very curious[ch8230]I think I buy it.

(sorry for my english, I’m Italian :wink: )

Man, that is darn cool! The bees knees, of course, would be to add a USB interface so you cold do everything from a computer...or at least capture/log data.


There is being worked on software for your PC. Through rs-232 though, jus to show data from the LCD on your PC. Not for controlling as far as I know.

Looks cool and the price point is awesome.

I don't know much about o-scopes, but how is the sampling rate? Is that good enough?

They mention 2M/s and 1MHz bandwidth

Looks cool :)

The Velleman HPS10 Hand Held Oscilloscope sells for about $109.95 and has a 10MHz sampling rate according for the specs and 2MHz analog bandwidth


I liked it so much that I am selling it in my store:

I tested it against a Rigol DSO, so I will be publishing some comparison pictures soon.

If anyone is interested in a particular test, just let me know and I will gladly play a little bit with this DSO and send you the results.

Very interesting :slight_smile:

Do you have it in stock?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, it is in stock.

Appears that Seeedstudio's got it too:

Making it and playing with it looks like fun, but what to do after the first 2 days ? It's a toy after all. Maybe one should try selling it back to seeedstudio.

what to do after the first 2 days ? It's a toy after all.

But is it a USEFUL toy? I mean, I've got a TDS210 scope that I paid about $1500 for, and I'm not sure that's it's ever gotten out of the "toy" stage. For sure it's got features and precision that I paid for but probably won't ever need. A $50 'scope' competes with using your PC's sound card; I can picture it being quite valuable for any number of projects (IR remote control springs to mind immediately.) And then there are those assorted "retro" projects that use a scope as their "display"; if this works in conjunction with those, it would allow permanent implementation of such things, instead of relegating them to being used in a lab "now and then."

All true.

I’m having this “but you’ll probably never need this feature anyway” problem all the time. My old scope (tektronix 314) needs to be replaced (wrong, needs a bigger brother for assistance) and what’s available either is crap, too big (heavy, bulky), needs a computer to run (usb scopes), is a computer runnings windoze (including virus scanner) itself (lecroy DSOs) or is just way too expensive for ‘just a hobby’.

I’m not saying this ‘toy’ in itself is a bad thing, it surely is way cheaper than the lowly tektronix TDS2xxx series or the rigol ones. But it could not even be used to look at all the signals the arduino can produce (e.g. high speed SPI). I take it a real scope is a thing to last at least 10 years (and should definitely not run on windows). So $1500 isn’t hat bad.

It may be just the perfect thing for beginners who will never need anything above audio frequency (expect for the smd soldering), but not for me. I’d buy it just for the fun of building it and then sell it or give it away. Once you have tasted the ‘real thing’ (good scope) you’re spoiled :slight_smile:


Is it in kit form or already assembled?

Thanks :)

It is fully assembled and comes with the alligator cable and power supply.

I also have real oscilloscopes, but most of the time I just end up using them to see if a signal is "alive" or it's waveform... very few times you need to really measure something complex when you are doing digital electronics for hobby.

Really, this product is oriented for the very low low entry level electronics hobbyist that always dreamed of having a basic oscilloscope. It is true that there are some stuff that you can assert in your design with even a very basic oscilloscope, that you cannot do it with a multimeter.