Check Needed, ESP01 MQTT and Local contactor replacement project

Hello everyone,

I am not an electronician, I just have some notions.

I searched the web, and I gathered some schemas.

I would like someone who is competent to see if this scheme is realistic.

This is a contactor replacement project with an ESP-01, MQTT

N and L are connected to 220V AC
S1 receives a pulse L1 and switches the signal on the GPIO0 of the ESP01 which toggle from a HIGH state to a LOW state
GPIO2 receives a HIGH signal and switches the TRIAC which delivers L2 on Q1.

HLK-PM03 is 3.3V
Resistor are 0,25 Watts
U2 is a TLP621
U3 is a MOC3010M
Q1 is Q4004LT without cooler
F1 is a 2Amp fuse

Does this scheme have errors ?

2Amp on the TRIAC without cooling is realistic, otherwise what would be a realistic value?

Thank you in advance for your help.


I think none?

Thanks for your respons notnoobdude

Someone else to confirm ?