Does anyone have a Chess and/or Checkers Sketch they wouldn't mind sharing?

I am really looking for a chess sketch that can calculate moves based on the moves already played so that I can play against the mc.


Which SuperArduino board do you have ?

Which SuperArduino board do you have ?

None yet, I will buy whichever one is best for the project.

The old PalmPilots had small processor and one could play a good game on it.

"The Pilot uses a Motorola 68328 processor at 16 MHz, and had 128 kB (Pilot 1000) or 512 kB (Pilot 5000) built in Random-access memory."

Maybe use a 1284P so you have 16K of SRAM.

However, a Mega seems sufficient:

Someone it in 672 bytes on the original 1k base model ZX81, so I suppose it must also be possible on most Arduinos.

Memory is the biggest problem, you need storage for the move trees.

You could start with this program: