Chinese TFT SPI 2.8'' display as touchscreen


But I suggest that you do things one at a time. e.g. 1. TFT: Connect MOSI, MISO, SCK. CS, DC, RST 2. Touch: Connect T_DIN, T_DO, T_CLK. T_CS, T_IRQ 3. SD: Connect SD_MOSI, SD_MISO, SD_SCK. SD_CS

When all 3 are working, put all the MOSIs, MISOs, SCKs together.

Please post a photo of your wiring. Then someoe can check it for you.

MISO does not need a potential divider. I would just use a 1k2 series resistor.

Before your board appeared on Ebay, there was a 2.2" version without Touch. If the pcb had been designed for single SPI bus, all 12 pins could fit in a row between the mounting holes. I mount female headers on a Protoshield to receive the 2.2" pins (TFT and SD). My Touch 2.4" is too big for a Uno protoshield. So I use some regular matrix protoboard. The Touch 2.8" pcb is massive. Even less convenient to mount.


Edit. Corrected T_DIN from T_MOSI etc.

2. Touch: Connect T_MOSI, T_MISO, T_SCK. T_CS, T_IRQ

There are no T_MOSI nor T_MISO, only T_DIN and T_DO. Which is which ?

My apologies. I have corrected #20.

All 3 devices are Slaves. The AVR is Master.

When you have a pin called MOSI it means Master-Out, Slave-In. SCK means Serial ClocK

The confusing pin name is D/C. Data/Command. Sometimes called RS Register Select. Or A0 Address #0.

None of these should be too difficult for French speakers. I suspect that Chinese find these names harder.


It finally worked! Thanks! Now, I need to make it provide coordinates between 0 and 240 or 320... which I did using 'map'