A 3,2LCD TFT from China.

Hello, i got a LCD TFT from a friend that he bought called YX32B with some xpt2046 controller.

I'm going to use it for some home drawing :)

It has LCD + Tochpanel. NO SD Card!

Can i use this directly with the arduino, using a SPI or PPI or someting like it?

This is supposedly the rather sparse information avaible:


Can anyone help me figure out what LCD type it is i.e. "Controller"

And do i use all the D0 to D15 pin to write data or is one SPI?

And last, can anyone point to some material about LCD stuff for the LCD user/engineer?

It says directly in the text what controller it is: SSD1289

Beware of the human hand that has been resized to mice-paw size...

// Per.

Ok so SSD1289 is the controller, but by the look of the chip it also contain the XPT2046 chip and since it has pins maked D0-15 dose it mean it only can be operated in PPI mode or can i use say one of the pins together with the CS WR RD RS pins to get a 5pin layout that makes it run in SPI?

Any clues?

What determines the configuration of the pins the LCD controller the separate XPT controller wich seams to be SPI operated or do i need to figure out what pins goes were by reverse engineering?


Look here: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,101029.0.html

Oh thanks,

Perfect :)