Chromebooks: Current state of web editor?

I teach some one-time workshops. While everyone is required to Bring/Own a laptop workshop attendees only have a Chromebook. Instead of turning those people away, I want to be as inclusive to whatever hardware people have as possible.

I've done some googling/searching and it seems as though the web editor requires a plug-in, but that requires a subscription fee? Even at $1 a month, I can not have people signup and start entering a credit-card number in a class (it just comes off as awkward or I'm trying to sell them something in addition to the workshop).

I want as little friction as possible with as many happy people getting started quickly.

Is there a free way to use a chromebook to program an arduino? (These would mostly be Uno R3).


Supposedly it is possible to run the standard Arduino IDE on a ChromeBook. There are some instructions here:

An arduino_ide chromebrew package was also recently created that might make it even easier to do:
I'm not sure whether the package has been published yet because I don't see it listed here:

I don't own a computer running ChromeOS so I can't test either of the above.

You can also buy an education subscription via: Arduino Digital Store

@sandeepmistry this part of that page:

Next, you'll need to provide information on your school (e.g., contact for billing, proof of tax exemption).

made me think the Arduino Create Chrome App for Education packages were only available to schools, rather than e.g. someone running a workshop at a hackerspace. Are these plans available to everyone?