Circuit for Xbee Shield from Funduino

I have a XBee shield which i bought from E_bay and functionally it is all right. Except that the Tx and Rx of the XBee are routed to the Rx and Tx of the UNO. And a Slide switch allows the XBee Rx and Tx to link to the USB.

Not a very useful set up… i would like to be able to link the Rx and Tx of the XBee to a pair of Software Serial pins on the UNO .

This seems not possible in the absence of a proper schematic for the PCB. And as can be expected the EBay seller has no clue on this … all i can share is the image of the Shield.

Can someone guide me on this or help with a schematic that is relevant to the PCB ? XBeeShield.jpg

Can someone guide me on this

There is a label on the PCB that shows who actually made the device. Have you tried checking with them?

I bought a "" Xbee shield from eBay, also.
OK if you want to connect the Xbee DOUT and DIN to Arduino Rx (0) and Tx (1) pins, which makes the Arduino USB port unusable.

If you want to use the Xbee with Software Serial and connect the Xbee DOUT and DIN other Arduino pins, the DPDT slide implementation seems to be wrong.
There is only one 3.3 - 5.0 volt level shifting circuit, but there should be 2 - for Rx and Tx.

This seems to be a flawed design, which is why they are so inexpensive.

Better to use a "real" Xbee shield like:
SparkFun XBee Shield