Code for AC Dimmer with Touch POT

Hello All,
I am looking for Arduino code for AC Dimmer or want to combine Robotdyn AC Dimmer code with Sparkfun Touch Potentiometer as input.
i am attaching both code, can anyone help me to fix this.

SoftPOT.ino (1.1 KB)
SimplePotentiometer.ino (369 Bytes)

What are You prepared to, capable to, do Yourself?

I don't know anything about that particular pot or that particular code...

But if you can dim the lamp and you read the pot, you can map() the pot value to a dim level.

It's possible that the I2C communication with the pot will interfere with the dimmer-timing and that could be an issue. You also shouldn't have delay() in the pot-reading code because that will mess-up the dimmer-timing.

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