Combining USB outputs

Hi all, first time poster and super noob here.
I am working on a new sim racing accessory - I already make tonnes of button boxes using momentary push buttons and zero delay usb arcade encoders... but now I'm about to create a gear shift indicator using a dot matrix display and an arduino nano.
What I then want to do is combine them both in the same enclosure - the bit I want to ask is... is there anyway to combine the USB outputs so that there is only 1 USB cable coming from the enclosure to the PC?
Simple idea would be to add some kind of usb hub inside the enclosure but can't help thinking there is a simpler way.
For context - my understanding of electronics is pretty basic, so any complex answers may go straight over my head!

Is the USB being used solely to provide power to one or other of the projects or is it used for data transfer by one or more of the projects

Both will need data transfer - which is why I'm wondering if I will actually need some sort of Nano Hub?

Something like this I guess?

A couple of suggestions

Either use a single Arduino for both parts of the project, or use a single USB connection to one Arduino and have the second one communicate with the PC via the first one

If you did manage to connect 2 boards in parallel to a single USB then what would happen if they both tried to use it at the same time ?

Assuming reasonable current consumption then powering both from a single USB source is not a problem

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Yes, that is a very barebone USB hub featuring an FE1.1s USB hub controller so you are using a hub.

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