Communication between hot based card emulation and rfid-rc522

can rfid-rc522 communicate with the new android hce if yes how to do it. is there any library to use ?

Same question plz

Basically no. The RC522 as incorporated on those cheap RFID readers can only communicate using SPI. You can connect it to an Arduino and then the Arduino can communicate with an Android device but that is not what you asked.

And any way a Host Card Emulator does all the things a RC522 does anyway, so why would you want to connect the two together?

Hi mike,

Thx for your fast answer.

My project is quite different, I have my RC522, and a door on my Arduino.

I can currently open the door with a MIFARE classic.

But now I want to open it with my Android phone, that is why I develop a HCE applet to accept the good APDU with the selected AID, then my phone will transfer the data in order to open the door.

But the problem is : I don't know how to send an APDU command with my Arduino using the RC522.

Currently, for my MIFARE Cards, I use the library.

Best regards, RomainHry

Not an expert on this.

Have you read this:-

Yes I read and I understand the format, but what I do result to a timeout in communication and my HCE doesn't catch this APDU.

I will finally think that I my rc522 is not compatible.

I wish to thank you for your help. And I hope an expert will help me :))