compile error using PROGMEM

/* PROGMEM string demo How to store a table of strings in program memory (flash), and retrieve them.

Information copied from: */

const char string_0[] PROGMEM = "String 0";

// !!! *************** !!! // I get a compile error: variable 'string_table' must be const in order to // put in read-only section by means of 'attribute((progmem))'. // But it is defined 'const'!!!

const char *string_table[] PROGMEM = { string_0 };

char buffer[30];

void loop() { strcpy_P(buffer, (char*)pgm_read_word(&(string_table[0]))); Serial.println(buffer); }

// The full code was copied verbatim and failed to compile. // This version is stripped down for examination.

const char * const string_table[] PROGMEM = {   

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Thanks, Delta_G. The extra const worked. Someone needs to update the sample code in the Arduino Playground - PROGMEM. Also, the avr-libc/user-manual.


Beauty of a wiki, everybody can do that ;)

BTW, there's no reason to copy it to a buffer:

const char string_0[] PROGMEM = "String 0";

const char * const string_table[] PROGMEM = {   

void setup()
  Serial.begin( 9600 );
  Serial.println( (const __FlashStringHelper *) pgm_read_ptr(&string_table[0]) );

void loop() {}

Casting it to the FlashStringHelper type selects the method that prints the bytes directly from flash.

;D Thanks -dev, another jewel of information from the Forum. I will give it a try.