Compiled file sizes

Good afternoon. Got my Arduino up and running last night. Didn't have any components to toy with so I wrote a variety of LED blinking test runs (random numbers to generate blinking speed etc etc).

It seemed all of them turned out to be around 4000 bytes which was half of the 8k chip that came with the Arduino.

No matter what I did to try to slim down the code it always came out to that size. Is the compiler doing work for me to keep the file size down and leaves out comments and such so you can maximize the chip?

All of a sudden the 8k doesn't seem like a lot (well, it isn't :)) when the basic LED test app takes up half the chip.

I really need to dig in and play around more but so far I love it and can't wait to try messing around with the many projects floating around in my head.

Take care!

This is a problem that a couple of us (myself and nrolland) are working on for inclusion in the next release, Arduino 0008. Currently a lot of code from the runtime library gets linked in, whether you call it or not. The following patch was developed for Arduino 0006, and I have no idea whether it will work in Arduino 0007 or not (maybe you can try it and let us know... follow the instructions and you can uninstall it if it doesn't work).

Actually, on second thought, don’t try that patch on Arduino 0007. I am certain it will not work because I am further into the project now and ran into some issues. Some time this week I hope to have an equivalent patch ready for Arduino 0007. When I do I will post it on this forum so people can find what I broke and start yelling at me! :slight_smile: