Compiling error: expected primary-expression before 'if'

Hello! I got this error on the " if (Eyecolor==1)" line while trying to write this screen. what do I need to do to fix it? *Shadowcolor & Eyecolor is two bytes i have defined before the setup section, and they are being used in another function.

thanks in advance! :)

void screen8(){ 
ch= 0;
lcd.gotoxy(60, 5);
lcd.setColor(BLACK, CYAN);
lcd.println("Match percentage is:");
lcd.fillRoundRect(40, 20, 290, 50, 5, MAGENTA);
lcd.drawRoundRect(40, 20, 290 , 50, 5, BLACK);

if (Shadowcolor==1){ 
  if (Eyecolor==1){ // *error is pointing this line*
    lcd.gotoxy(33, 25);
lcd.setColor(BLACK, MAGENTA);
lcd.println("30% - you sould try");
lcd.gotoxy(45, 40);
lcd.setColor(BLACK, MAGENTA);
lcd.println("another color");

that error code means check your punctuation. you might be missing a ; you could have a ( without a )

in this case, you have 3 { and 2 }

if you put your cursor on a { and click, the IDE shows you its mate.

Another handy trick is to use auto format (Ctrl-T in the IDE) to format your code. If you have unbalanced braces, some of your code with mysteriously move in or out more than you expect. Correct as needed.

thank you very much! I added the } and nothing changed :( I dont see any missing ;.. where can the problem be?

without posting your entire sketch, only you can answer that question.