concanate two integer variable

I am having a variable name day=3 . I wanted to print on lCD as 03 .concept i am trying to impliment is as below

int term1;
int term2;
int day=3;
term1=day%10;// here i get the actual term day
term2=(int)(day/10); here i get term 0.
Now i wanted to print on lcd by joining term1 and term2.

question here is how to join term1 and term 2 to get result displayed as 03 instead of 3

Is this method is correct or not.

You've got the Arduino. You've got the rest of the code. You test it!

It's hard to believe you have nearly 500 posts here, and still haven't read the sticky posts at the top of the forum, and are still ignoring advice to post your entire code, or at the very least, enough code to illustrate your question.

Oh well. I guess you don't really want any help.


Here you're dividing and "int" by an "int".
What do you imagine the datatype of the result will be?

Plus what they all said.