Connect 2 l298n to control 4 motors

Hello everybody,

I’m a newbie and I dont know much about electronic, so I’m here to ask for your help.

I would like to connect 2 H-bridges to arduino to control 4 motors.

I can make it work connecting just 1 h bridge and controlling 2 motors. My problem is that as I read I need to connect the GND of my battery both to the H-Bridge and Arduino. But when I’m wiring as follows I get a short circuit (or it seems to be).

Thank you in advance for your help,


Where do you think there is a “short circuit”? Looks OK to me, except 1) 9V block batteries are for smoke detectors, and won’t work for motors and 2) the diagram shows no I/O connections between the Arduino and the motor drivers.

Also, the ancient, very inefficient L298 driver works only for very small, low power motors, so you may be disappointed. Post a link to the product page or motor data sheet.

Hint: get one driver with one motor working, before moving on.

Dear jremington, thank you so much for your reply.

I'm actually just assuming that there's a shortcut, I didnt draw the entire circuit for a matter of time, I made the right I/O connections. I'm actually using a 12v battery (I couldnt find the 12v on Fritzing and I went for the quick solution).

Everything is controlled with an IR sensor/remote, this is what happens:

When I plug the battery in, everything seems to work fine, but as soon as I send the command through the remote controller the L298N shields shout down and I have to unplug and plug the battery again to restart them.

I am using this motors:

(I hope the link doesnt break the forum rules).

With just 1 l298n and 2 motors wired everything works fine (I also have the power that I need).

If you think that a complete circuit would be helpfull I'll draw it.

Thank you again!


Don’t waste your time with Fritzing, just draw a schematic using pencil and paper and post a photo.

The L298 will not work well with that motor, as the stall current is 2 Amperes at 12V. The driver will overheat and shut down shortly after a significant load is put on the motor. Also, the driver wastes about 1/3 of the battery power as heat.

This modern motor driver is a much better choice, but with light loads on the motor, this cheaper one will work too.

Ok, I will order this driver then.

Thank you for yout help, I wish I could repay!