Connect I2C sensor to Pin Arduino UNO

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I've a litlle project for my french school. My task is to connect temperature sensor (I2C) to an arduino. But i don't have enough ports I2C to connect 5 components in i2C. (the grove shield have only 4 ports I2C)

How can i resolve this ? If i use an arduino Mega (by example), can i connect a I2C component to a pin ? (if it's possible too..)

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..then connect to I2-pins directly (A4 and A5) Newer UNOs have duplicates nearest to USB-connector

I2C is a bus. So you simply feed the I2C of the Arduino to all the sensors. Every sensor simply should have it's own address (that's what I2C is all about) and you're done!

Like thisโ€ฆ

i2c bus.PNG

Oh ! It's pretty simple ! :smiley:
Thx very much !