Connect-PI - Control multiple arduino with mobile web app

Hi All,

We have launched our kickstarter campaign and would like you guys to support us.
Together we can make this community stronger than ever.


What is Connect-PI?

Connect-Pi is an automation system with a responsive web app that is accessible on all smart phone, tablet and desktop devices. It is designed for your all automation projects and prototypes. Connect-PI consists of the following two main components:

Connect-PI Server

Connect-PI Server is basically a Raspberry PI powered web server. A web server runs on any Linux or Windows operating system. PHP has been used as a server-side scripting language.

Connect-PI Web Application

A web application is a responsive mobile web application based on open source Jquery mobile touch-optimised web framework. The web application will work on all popular smart phones, tablet and desktop devices and allows the user to control and monitor Arduino or any other micro controller based systems from anywhere in the world.


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