Connect several MPL3115A2 to I2C

Hi I'm looking to connect two MPL3115A2 sensors to my I2C port and was wondering if anyone had any idea how I could do this, if it was possible? The Sensor has an address that is standard and it seems that it can't be changed. What would you suggest I do?

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Manufacturer’s page :
Adafruit sells it :

They are made with I2C address 0x60.
But as with many facturers, if you buy many thousands, they can set a different address in it for you.

You could use a special chip that has 2 or 4 multiplexed I2C busses.
Or build a mux yourself and switch the SDA.


I’ll update this since it was near the top on google for my search terms

I have done this using a 4066 and for following circuit and code.

I2C_Port_Dual_Barometer_Same_Address.ino (2 KB)