Connecting an arduino to a flight controller

I am building a pretty large rc plane. I have a Arduino Nano and I want to connect it to a Nx3 3d flight controller. My goal is to be able to set a flight path on a computer which will then send to the Arduino when to turn etc. via Wi-Fi. Does anybody have any ideas??

As I recall, that would be illegal in most countries.

Hello, I live in South Africa. I am part of an organization building these planes to help combat poaching of our native creatures. It is to be flown above private property and does not violate any laws as long as we do not fly at night and not near airports. As well as a few more laws which also are fine.

Appreciate the concern but we have done the appropriate research and we will be ok. I just need help with this small issue and we will be good to go.


That is what the Iranians say!

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