Connecting antenna to cheap 433mhz module

I have a small question and thought it would fit I to this section.

I have a cheap 433mhz module and a copper spring coil antenna that purchased for it. However due to the enclosure placement constrains I cannot directly solder the antenna to the module. I need to attach antenna such that it sticks out if the enclosure.

So I wanted to know if I add a intermediate wire between the module’s expected antenna point and the antenna itself to be able to move the antenna placement little away from the actual module, will that hamper the transmission? Or will it make the antenna useless?

it would help if you show a picture of the module.

I only use modules that can take an SMA connector. if you need to locate the antenna off the card, you need coax cable to carry both RF & ground to the antenna location. antenna and ground must be connected to an antenna appropriate for the signal. at 433 mhz, the antenna and ground plane must be 16.4 CM = 6.5 inches each

Pictures of the antenna and module (in the enclosure) are attached in the first post. Please check and let me know.

Basically I just want to add a wire in between antenna base and module point to make it a little movable.

I have seen on web that people use just wires as antenna too. So I was thinking that maybe adding little wire to existing antenna won't be so bad. Am I wrong ?

The spring antennas are worthless. You are better off with just 17 cm of straight wire. Yes, the wire can be led out of a hole in an enclosure, with 17 cm extending away from the enclosure if the enclosure is metal.

For best results use a balanced dipole, with one wire connected to GND on both TX and RX modules, and the other from ANT. 33 cm from tip to tip as shown below.

I get over 300 m range (line of sight) with the setup shown below.

check out the left side of HC-12 module here: three solder tabs for an SMA connector.

female SMA connector

if you do not use coax you present funky unknown impedance to the final drive transistor. this results in SWR; Standing Wave Ratio. this burns up final drive transistors.

you can solder an antenna directly to 50 ohm coax. anything else is counterproductive.

Thanks all. @jremington why do you say they are useless can you explain? I mean that is the antenna they sell for those module's anyways.

Are you saying they dont work or that they wont work after extending with a wire.?

that is the antenna they sell for those module's

Because they look nice.

why do you say they are useless can you explain?

That was an exaggeration. The springs do work, but the range is poor. You are better off using 17 cm of straight wire, and MUCH better off with a balanced dipole.

Try it and convince yourself.