Connecting Arduino Uno with LabView (Error 5002 & 5003)

Hello everyone,

I must program an Arduino Funduino Uno R3 using LabView 2015 on a Windows 7 64-bit PC. For that purpose, I flashed the Arduino Uno with LIFA following the instructions on the National Instruments homepage (Installing LIFA and NI Visa).

In order to examine whether there is a connection between my Arduino Uno and LabView, I wrote/adapted a code that flashes the LED on port 13 according to: (German, in this example it is the Arduino Mega, I think)

Screen of my code:

However, when I execute the code, the LED on position 2 in the image ( flashes for ~ 10 s and then I get Error 5002. If I press the stop button, I get Error 5003. According to National Instruments, this is attributed to a loose of connection between the Arduino and LabView.
Both, the Windows device manager & the measurement and automation explorer in LabView show that the Arduino is located at Port 3. However, the Baudrate is 9600, in the LIFA code, it is set to 115200 (Changing it to 9600 in both, the LIFA code used to flash my Arduino and my LabView code did not help).
I also re-installed the LIFA package for LabView but this also did not help.

Therefore, I decided to post my question here, maybe I did a mistake when writing the LabView code which causes the errors...

Thanks in advance