Connecting HC-50 Bluetooth Module to Computer

I have bought and set up a HC-50 Bluetooth Module with my Arduino Uno.

The Bluetooth module acts as a serial device when data is transmitted or received to the Arduino and has nothing to do with its set up connection to the computer.

I’m using Windows 7 and when I try and discover the Bluetooth module I can find it and pair with it.

However it doesn’t seem to keep the connection long and I have trouble sending any data over the Bluetooth Serial Link before it decides to disconnect. If I do get to send data over it once then I turn the Bluetooth module on and off it doesn’t seem to want to connect again without removing it then discovering and adding again.

I want something more versatile and I’m building a product that needs a sustainable Bluetooth connection and be easy to set up.

I started using ‘toshiba bluetooth stack’ a program made by toshiba that helps with connecting Bluetooth devices to your computer. This finally allows me to connect my Bluetooth module to my computer and works well.

However toshiba only created this software for its hardware and you must pay for it. You can get a cracked version however this is not ideal for a product that is going to be sold.

Does anyone have any ideas or any Bluetooth suits that would work for Wndows, Mac OS and Linux?

Thanks In Advance,

I’m not sure from what you say whether the problem is at the PC end or the Arduino end.

I have a HC06 which seems to work fine with my Ubuntu netbook

I followed the instructions here

Can you post a link to the datasheet for the device you have connected to the Uno
Also post your Uno code.


Microsoft include a bluetooth stack. It is all a bit messy and I don't think they are serious about bluetooth on desktops. You might find this confuguration tool helpful

I plodded through the XP control panel and got my phone to pair with desktop OK, but this meant that Softronic won't look at it. I imagine all your problems are at the PC end, essentially that the PC has to do the pairing. You can test Arduino with a phone. Fortunately my laptops are Dell and come with the Toshiba stack included.


I don't think I was clear enough.

The Bluetooth module if its the HC-50 or the HC-60 act as serial devices and the paring or connecting with the computer has nothing to do with the connection to the Arduino as its all on the Bluetooth module side.

Once the Bluetooth module has connected with the computer then the Ardunio can start to send and receive data over the serial link.

The Arduino side is fine and once the Bluetooth module has connected I can interface with it and receive data from my computer sent over a serial prompt.

Its a known issue that the HC-50 has problems connecting with Windows and struggles to keep a connection. Once connected it acts as a serial port however before long the connection stops and you can't send data any more. If you want to reconnect with the Bluetooth module you have to remove and re-add.

Through researching this issue which other people were having I got told to use a Bluetooth suit called "Toshibas bluetooth stack" which allows me to easily connect it to my computer and allow it to act as a com port perfectly.

However I want a more versatile approach for it to work on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

The Toshiba Bluetooth Suit has to be cracked which is not ideal for a commercial product which I'm designing.

Does anyone know of any other versatile Bluetooth suits or came across this problem?

jacktrow1: Its a known issue that the HC-50 has problems connecting with Windows and struggles to keep a connection.

Doesn't seem to be a problem on Linux.

By the way my device is a HC-06 - are you sure that you have a -50 and not a -05