Connecting IP camera to Arduino yun and watch live video from phone(VLC)

Hai friends, Please help me

Mine IP camera(Ethernet) is connected to POE switch and POE switch is connected to the router. I applied NAT on the arduino yun(Arduino web control panel) and enabled IPv4 in iptables(ubuntu) I powered ON Arduino yun and connected the Ethernet cable coming from POE switch. I connected the Android phone to the Arduino's Wifi. From vlc player in the mobile i am streaming the live video of IP camera i,e rtsp streaming In vlc i am giving the address as: rtsp://admin:admin@192.168.x.x i am able to stream the video but there is delay of 5sec and after 30secs the vlc will stop(crash) working(if we want again to stream means i have to repeat the above step and again same behaviour)

I need to stream live video without any delay or any crashes

please help me to overcome this delay problem

Thank you in advance :) sandy

please give the suggestion to improve the delay problem

Thank you

Hi sandy06,

Can you tell me how to apply NAT in Arduino YUN ?


Hello! It's little bit off-topic, but how do you make Yun working with Ethernet and Wifi in separate networks in the same time?